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Sunday, May 09, 2010

Shiny Things! Mini-podcast #1: Kindle

Audioboo and its five-minute limit is a godsend for me… I can find the time it takes to record and edit a five-minute podcast without too much trouble. One reason I haven’t done the Podcast from FAR Manor for three years(!) is that I just can’t get an entire uninterrupted afternoon needed — “Shiny Things!”, of course, was one of the segments of the original podcast, so I already had the beds for it.

Give it a listen:


And the associated AudioBoo page, where you can see a picture of the Kindle (a familiar pic if you’ve been reading TFM), leave comments, follow me, and so forth.

Now to get the next White Pickups episode tuned up and ready to roll…


  1. Hiya FAR,

    Very good podcast! I didn't know much about Kindle, but feel now I do. I would like to have one, but if anything, I'll probably be buying a new computer to replace my dying one.

  2. Thanks, FM!

    Probably a good idea, replacing the computer. Take care of the essentials first, right?

    Great pond pix, by the way…


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