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Thursday, March 03, 2011

And Another One’s Gone, Another One’s Gone…

The end of Snippet looks to be a permanent thing now. M.A.E., who is plugged into the goings-on of The Boy better than I am, tells me that Snippet has moved in with whoever it was she slept around with on The Boy. Meanwhile, he’s found a new prospective girlfriend, whom I met this evening. A few too many piercings for my taste, but M.A.E. says she’s more mature than his typical interest (and has a kid of her own).

But that’s not what I’m here to talk about. I’m here to talk about Lobster. He seems to have hooked up with someone — she’s ten years older than him, and not exactly divorced. In fact, according to M.A.E.* she wasn’t even separated when she hooked up with Lobster on Facebook. So I guess she moved out in the last couple days, and Lobster is slowly packing his gear and moving in with her. It is with no sense of irony that they are living in Cumming (Georgia).

I hope this doesn’t blow up in Lobster’s face. He lets his small head do too much of his thinking, and people (especially on Planet Georgia) do get shot on occasion in situations like this. But for now, it looks like Lobster will be moving on and once again going off the radar in our ongoing soap opera.

Although Big V’s grandson Skyler might replace him…

*I’d have her write this post herself, except her spelling is atrocious. ;-)


  1. Love the names in this, and the intrigue of the different couplings. Peace...

  2. Georgia sounds like a very interesting place, but I wonder, are single people some kind of endangered species there?

  3. Morning!

    Linda, they're all real people. I don't use real names so I can talk about them all I want without getting tripped up in a Google search. It's like a soap opera here!

    Nudge, singles are only endangered when they take up with someone who's married. :-D I know what you meant… like I said, Lobster thinks with his small head when it comes to relationships.


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