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Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Book Cover!

I know I’m weird, but I get giddy all over again just looking at it. If you want a photographic book cover, Sara Reine is a wiz with Photoshop and does great fast work at a great price. Tell her FARf sent you.

Hey FARf, stop yapping and post the cover already!

OK, OK… here it is:

Yup, there’s my real name. Now y’all know who I am. Sondra cleaned up gooooood for the book cover, didn’t she?

The only thing is, I have no idea what I’m going to do for the Pickups and Pestilence cover just yet. Oh well, I still have a while to think about that. Gotta finish the book, first things first.


  1. Sondra does look really good. She also aged a few years too....or she's turned into Mary Kay Letourneau in the editing process. lol. That's the double edged sword though. Either you make her look adult and sexy to sell the books to grown ups or you make her look like a real teenager and risk having the book marketed tweeny.

    I know that the boogey men are pickups but I couldn't help seeing those Nissan cubes in my head when I read the story. Those things freak me out when I am out on the road.

    Is the book available yet? I would like to buy a copy.

  2. Terrific cover! Spiffy and professional. And no wonder you get giddy, I would too!

  3. Congrats! I like the cover. Very cool. :)

  4. Congratulations! The cover looks great. Love the colors!

  5. That's one cool cover Mr. FAR. I don't know who Sondra is but she looks good to me!


  6. Hi all, and thanks much!

    Wooly, that's an excellent point about the model and market aim. I remember you saying the Cubes remind you of the trucks… pretty funny. I'm still holding out a thin hope that I'll have the book done next month, but right now October is more likely.

    Jen, I'm glad you understand!

    Thanks, Cherie. I like it too. :-D

    Dorlana, thanks. I need to see what it looks like on a Kindle though.

    Helen, Sondra is one of the characters in the story. She's amazing with firearms, thus the rifle.

  7. So awesome! Getting my book cover was a very exciting moment - nothing weird about that ;).

    If you're thinking about it, I think FAR Future would look good in print, too ;).

  8. Thanks, Wendy.

    Indeed I'm planning to get FAR Future novelized. It was just a lot easier to do White Pickups since I didn't write it as a blog-novel.

  9. I agree with Wendy that FAR Future should go to print. I like the blog format of the story. It made it unique. I had never seen a fictional work presented like that before.

  10. You think it would work as-is? I'm afraid it might be *too* different… but then again, the new publishing paradigm means we can experiment.

  11. Names are power and now you have given us power over you. Oh, wait, we don't know your middle name, D'oh!

    Cover looks decent, I have some things I'd critique, but I doubt your budget is unlimited and therefore I'd say it looks like it works... Ok, fine, I have to give a little critique. o_0 The pickup shadows need work. There, I'm done. Good luck with the book. :-)


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