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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Moving Furniture

With M.A.E. out of the manor, Mrs. Fetched decided it was time to bring in the bed she bought for Mason at a yard sale last year. There were many cobwebs to clean out of various corners, and I ended up vacuuming then wiping down each part with a towel, and that got it pretty clean.

Whoever designed this bed knows little boys. It’s up off the ground, giving room for a matching dresser and cubby along one side. The door on the footboard turns the rest of the under-bed into either storage or a kid’s fortress of solitude.

Mason said, “Cheeeeeese!” as I took the picture. Where did he learn that from?
Mason watched and “helped” as I assembled everything, then put the slats, pad, and mattress on top. He was suddenly less pleased with the door, but I showed him that he could come out the back side and around and that mollified him a bit.

The cubby is a tight squeeze for a kid, even one as small as Mason, but I told him he could throw toys in there. He opened it, tossed whatever gadget he was holding at the moment, then closed it. Now if we can get him to do that consistently…

He’s still in the crib for now, and this will be the guest bed until he’s old enough to sleep in it himself.


  1. So Cute he looked like the bed has swallowed him. Nice bed I'm sure he'll love it!

  2. Looks like an awesome little boy's bed! Lots of drawers and space and nooks and crannies. :)

  3. Morning!

    Helen, he does love it — he can stand on the mattress and reach the pictures above the bed. Maybe I need to move those.

    Sherm, how you doing?! I think he'll enjoy it once he's big enough to sleep in it. There's a feed-through hole for a power cord, so he'll have a place to put a clock/radio and maybe a CD player (and there's CD racks on either side). The bed will kind of grow with him, I think.

  4. Clifto! The bed *is* pretty cool, isn't it? When The Boy was younger, I considered putting his bed about 4' off the floor to make room for storage and/or play area. He liked it. Mrs. Fetched, no so much. Oh well.

  5. Economy of space and economy of cool.


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