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Saturday, December 12, 2015

Just Add Light

It’s unusually warm for the bottom of the year on Planet Georgia. Our high today was around 72°F, a good 20 degrees above normal. So, when I announced I was heading to the grocery store, Fizzle suggested I grill some fish for supper.

Good idea, thinks I, and added salmon to my list. As it turned out, the wife had a few things she wanted to get, and Christmas presents was part of it. So we got about 90% of the presents this morning.

But we neglected not the grocery run. My feet were well sore by the time we were done, as I just came off a gout flareup (the only one this year that was more than mild) this week. There were a few other things to do this afternoon, and they got done.

This time of year, it’s pretty much dark by grilling time… but I made do.

Bring on the food!

Work lights are really useful for all sorts of things. Oh, and it’s not just Planet Georgia. Not by a long shot:

May your days be merry and warm—even if they’re not bright!


  1. OMG What is up with this winter? We have zero snow in Michigan and it's been raining all week. It's not even that cold.

  2. Just the biggest El Niño on record is all. It's supposed to push a bunch of storm systems across the south this winter, so I might end up using all my firewood to build a raft. :-P

  3. Hello All,

    Yep El Niño is at it again. Don't worry about the raft Larry, just get up into those mountains. I do miss winter conditions and although we hardly ever get snow here, I do hope for a small dusting in the future.

  4. I think the weather is weird all over the world. We've had an unusually warm spring and now summer is here and the temps are beginning to sore with no rain in sight. Hope you have a good Christmas Larry. I'm just getting over an inner ear infection and a balance problem which has held me back from my Christmas preparations but hopefully will catch up.

  5. The photo actually looks really creepy and cool! Even if it's just a grill and a light.

    The weather is ridiculous out here. Warmer outside than inside, and Mom came in and turned on the AC.


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