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Saturday, August 20, 2005

Sports vs. arts

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Daughter Dearest had a pool party today, put on by her chorus teacher. Parents were invited too, so I got a little more sun than I should have without slobbering on sunscreen (another symptom of oncoming age; I used to never burn). She's in the Honors Chorus after a brief & successful audition.

As Arlo Guthrie said, “I told you that to tell you this.” I only find out after she starts school that last year, this chorus won a nationwide tournament in their division last year. Sheesh. If it had been any kind of sport, all the way down to middle school badminton, there would have been billboards at every road on the county line. If it's art, it gets in the papers and the school puts it up on their sign, but where's the community pride? Where are the billboards? Even a little sign as you enter the county?

Then we wonder why nobody seems to think funding the arts is any big deal.


  1. So, your daughter is Daughter Dearest too? Except mine is spelled Dot'r Dear.

    I remember those days back in high school when the choir would win awards and get their picture in the paper with the equivalent of a golf clap, and the basketball team would go to State and be plastered all over the front page. A friend of mine got so frustrated once that he wrote a story about how the cross-country team performed to cheering crowds and interviews with the local radio station while the football players scrimmaged in a nearly-empty stadium, trying to hold their cardboard helmets together in the rain. Oh, did I mention he was on the cross-country team?

  2. Hah, you ought to see if you can find your friend's story and put it on your blog — I know I'd enjoy it!

  3. Forgot to mention: I was in cross-country in high school. Of course, that was like 28 years and 80 pounds ago.


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