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Saturday, September 10, 2005

Morning runaround

The lawn mower is finally fixed. No sooner had I put the blade on, Daughter Dearest mowed out back until the replacement bolt I put on the handle came off & got lost. I went by the lawn mower place (among other things) and the guy let me take a couple of the bolts with big plastic wingnuts (lets you fold up the handle for transportation or storage). Other things we did on the trip this morning:
  • ate at Waffle House

  • got groceries (I put some ice in a cooler, which helped keep the milk & ice cream cold coming back)

  • complained to the cellphone peeps about my phone's camera being out of focus (they gave me a number for a warranty exchange, yay)

  • swung by the library to pick up a loaner (Haiku: This Other World by Richard Wright)

  • gassed up the minivan — more on that in another post
Now that's how you combine your trips!

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