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Friday, December 30, 2005

Outrage of the Day: Bush-league posturing

So you commit criminal acts by using the NSA to spy on American citizens. The news gets out, and what do you do? Stop the criminal acts?

Oh, heck no. Not if your name is George W. Bush, anyway. You go after the “leakers” instead.

I’m sure more readers of Tales from FAR Manor are intelligent enough to know this already: but if you still think this administration is anything but corrupt, you’re living in la-la-land. Period.


  1. That would be my hands over my ears, singing LA-LA-LA, loudly, so I am not further enraged every. single. damn. day?

    Is that what you meant? :)

  2. Let me get this straight -- The government is trying to make whistleblowers look like the bad guys in this ordeal? Good grief. How much lower can you sink?

    (I fully expect that by posting this I've been flagged in a database that the federal government uses to monitor blogging and I am now a wanted terrorist. Alas.)


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