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Monday, September 11, 2006

Escape from FAR Manor! (evening)

On the subject of what day it is: Keith Oibermann has said all that needs to be said. I shall otherwise remain silent.

Evening on the deck provides its own symphony. But at this time of day, the cosmic mixer turns down the nature track and turns up the sounds of humanity: the flat snapping as I open a beer, echoing off first the condos and then a hill across the lake; a car bringing four ladies (a little older than me, I think) from their day’s outing; the buzz and whirr of an air conditioner starting up. Insects chirp softly; you almost have to listen for them. The geese of morning are elsewhere — they spend much of their days near the picnic area, perhaps trying for a handout.

Sunlight sparkles on the lake’s ripples, nearly blinding before thin clouds come to the rescue. Once in a while, a breeze stirs the trees and shakes loose the occasional leaf. I catch the occasional whiff of a charcoal grill; someone in Mountain Shadows, perhaps.

The spider insists on building its web next to the swing. I knock it down in the morning, and it rebuilds by evening. Someone ought to put this spider in charge of New Orleans; it’s patient and persistent, and couldn’t do a worse job than the Bush league.

I wonder why I stayed at FAR Manor last night. I should have known how it would go: I got about six hours of sleep, then when I woke I was too keyed up to drop off again (I tried). At least I took care of a loose end from work; a customer wanted a table of LED patterns that indicated problems and what to do about them. I had it mostly ready on Thursday, but forgot about it in the panic mode of that last day at work. I emailed it and got a “just what I was looking for” back, so the day wasn’t a complete washout.

Mrs. Fetched was sort of jerking me around last night, though. First it was, “Are you going back?” then “Aren’t you staying?” Then when I agreed to stay, she was like, “You don’t have to stay.” Sheesh. Such is the challenge of taking a vacation a mere hour away from FAR Manor; the evil of the chicken houses has a gravitational field that extends so far. For now, though, I will enjoy not having the TV on as I digest my supper.


  1. I too was avoiding everything on TV tonight except Keith O. He really nailed it though, don't you think? I've said it before (numerous times at BT) but KO is the only "news" show I believe in and watch regularly... as well as Jon Stewart's TDS.

    Nice reflective thoughts you had tonight Far ... wish I had had the environment you did ... mine was just the regular day at work (ack!) then home to take refuge from the world....

  2. Hi IVG. At least you consider your home a refuge; for me, it’s a place to take refuge from.

    I don’t watch much TV at all; I’m one of the 17 households in the US without cable or satellite. I usually get my news off the BBC or DKos, although the latter is mostly skimming the RSS feed of front-page articles nowadays. I really ought to give BT a look, though. For one thing, most of the people who comment here are BTers.

    Bike ride now, post later.

  3. Hi FarFetched,

    I've read through all your vacation posts and it seems like I'm there with you. And as usual, most of what you say sounds like something I experienced just last week!

    I always forget that I met you through dKos, not BT -- I guess there's been such a blending through the fragrant-backwater-blogs it barely matters (if at all) ....


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