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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Tax Poll (as opposed to Poll Tax)

New poll up. I'm not going flog this one like I did the first, mainly because I’m not so invested in the responses. This poll runs through the 25th.

For posterior, the final results of the previous poll:

Poll results

The results were a little surprising: I expected FAR Future to outpace the never-ending soap opera, and that some of the other features would get a few more votes than they did. I’m actually glad that FAR Future came in second; the last episode will go up (unless I start back on two-a-week) in late summer, and I hate the idea of losing any of you (let alone most of you). 'Course, I’ll probably be posting appendices and “readers” for a while afterwards… so don’t run away the minute you see “The End,” OK? ;-)

If you’ve got something on your mind, let it rip in the comments.


  1. Heh, FAR,
    Like you are going to lose me as a reader when FAR Future ends! I'm so behind on it that I'm waiting till I can get the time to read what I've missed in one fell swoop. And with work the way it's been, who knows when that will be!

    As for the "soap opera," I hate to say it, but it's comforting to me because it makes me realize that we live a pretty sedate life in comparison. Sure, we have our little daily-weekly dramas, but they pale in comparison to the goings on at the Manor!

    And no, I don't envy you!

    Thanks again for the photography tips of late ... I really appreciate the help!

  2. Oh, something I forgot ... I read today that the GA Senate passed a resolution on secession/nullification earlier this month... had you heard about that?

    Hate to say I wasn't surprised, after the rantings of Governor GoodHair of TX yesterday....

  3. Thanks, IVG — you ought to see the stuff I *don't* write about… often by request of Mrs. Fetched! eek!I did see that Senate resolution — it was something the leadership slipped in at the last minute & most of them voted on it without knowing what it was. I'm going to rant about it this weekend. But it's kind of spooky, seeing stuff from the early episodes of FAR Future already happening…

  4. I come here for all of it, Far. So the conclusion of Far Future will not change things for me.

    I saw the secession resolution as well. Those things are all the rage these days. ;-)

  5. Thanks, Boran…

    "Rage" is the word. They have to keep their loony base fired up, after all.

  6. Same here -- come here to visit and enjoy your posts and seeing your comments round the net b/c you've become a 'net buddy. :-)

  7. Thanks, O — my blog buddies are a big help these days… I get to go see different places and hear different people.

  8. No way Far... I'll keep checking in, time-to-time, once FAR Future is over. You always have a few nuggets to chew over. Plus writing fiction is a sickness. You'll finish. But you'll do it again.

    BTW -- The baby arrived. Two days ago. Beautiful little gal named Kendra Maeve. Damned near fainted face-first the first time she cried. Would have if I hadn't been holding onto the edge of the delivery bed.


  9. Congrats, Gord!!! Cutest little girly in the world, I'll bet. I managed to not pass out for my kids, even after the c-section when the doc went, "Hey. Have you ever seen a uterus?"

    I guess that's why you haven't been around CFN lately. No problem, JHK's column this week is pretty lame and the Monday morning post&run brigade is largely composed of wingnuts. One of the more reasonable newcomers this week is Canadian, hope she(?) sticks around.

    You're right about writing, I'm already putting the next project together. I haven't decided whether I'll post it here yet or not, but keeping the option open just to give me an incentive to keep at it.

    Give the baby a smooch for the denizens of the manor here, OK?


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