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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Mid-week Mason-ry

Mason in his strollerMason has been at the manor more than not the last couple of weeks. DoubleRed thinks they’re taking advantage of us… on the other hand, we know we’ll do a good job of taking care of the kid, so I’m not all that bummed about it. Besides, Snippet has been taking on a bigger share of the night-time load… he starts crying, and she’s mostly down the stairs by the time I’m starting to shuck my robe on (or Mrs. Fetched, for that matter).

It’s finally gotten a little warm this week, and we got the stroller out. We learned yesterday that Mason likes being outside: if he’s crying, take him outside and he stops. So he was pretty cranky at first in the stroller, but as soon as I got him outside he got quiet. Three seconds later, he was asleep. I really want to get one of those slings to put him in, so I can walk around with him and have both hands free.

Five generationsOne of the things I’ve been wanting to do since he was born was to get a picture of the five generations extant on Mrs. Fetched’s side of the family… and yesterday, I finally got it. Here you see Mason, The Boy, Mrs. Fetched, her mom, and her granny. We’ll probably send this picture (or one I took inside the night before) to the paper.

It’s really too bad he was born in the fall… while he loves being outside so much, it’s going to be difficult finding nice days for him to enjoy until spring. The days (and years) are going to go by fairly quickly, methinks.


  1. Cool photos Far! It's amazing that so many generations could occupy the same photo. And I take it that it is you behind that stroller? You have the look of wisdom gained with age. Not that you look old. ;-)

  2. Thanks, Boran. Yep, that's me with the stroller. I handed Snippet the phone & let her take a shot. Being the one behind the camera most of the time, I don't have too many pix with Mason & me… so I take 'em as I get 'em.

  3. Great pics!

    As for the sling, I used one with each of my last three babies, and it was indispensable! My husband used it as much as I did, and more, when the girls got too big from me to carry, but still wanted a ride. I found them so much better than a stroller, and I even used the sling inside the house when I was doing housework, and the baby wanted to be held.

    I used several different "brands", but the best was the MayaSling wrap. They even have a handy pocket for storing diapers and such. I highly recommend them.

  4. Hi Wendy! Thanks for the kind words & the recommendation, I'll definitely check out the Maya.

    A big step forward will be when he can hold up the bottle by himself. He tries now from time to time, and Snippet said he actually did it last week when it was almost empty.

    I used to carry The Boy in the crook of one arm (or making the two-arm chair), facing forward so he could see. He wasn't so keen on being over my shoulder, at least when I was walking. He was good in the stroller though.

  5. Hiya Larry, I just popped over from The Twisted Quill to see your photos, I know this comment is very late, Mason will be over two years old by now, and probably a very adventurous toddler as they are at that age, I hope you've had many happy times watching him grow.

    It is quite an achievement having five generations in a photograph, and we are hoping to get everyone together next weekend to take some of our own five generations.

    I was saddened to read in your comment that you only had the five generations for a few months, please accept my belated condolences.

    Best wishes. SG.


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