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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Fall is Fell, The Boy is Sprung

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The Boy - Get Out of Jail Free card

After the usual delays and bobbles associated with the court system on Planet Georgia, Mrs. Fetched brought The Boy home this afternoon. Of course, there was the obligatory stop needed at the apartment to get him some clothes, and then they stopped at the mechanic’s to pick up my car (Mrs. Fetched had guessed right about the problem being the thermostat). Meanwhile, Snippet was at the house, jittering, jiving, cavorting, and just plain being a giddy female-type while I was trying to work. (It didn’t help my productivity that Mason was having a colic spazz this morning.)

So the upshot of his latest episode: time served, a year probation, “family counseling” (a family-oriented anger management class), a $500 fine offset by the amount of his counseling, and probably a couple things I’m forgetting. He also lost his job. Perhaps the most onerous (to him) part is no booze throughout his probation. Yeah right, like that’s gonna happen. I just hope he doesn’t end up violating his probation.

I may have to do a 2.0 version of TBxx errors.


  1. Someone I know who went through the probation process said that his probation officer told him that most people who failed their probation were spotted at a Game (where beer is sold) or Applebee's (or something similar - where booze is sold) just having dinner or whatever without thinking that their probation officer might also happen into the joint ....

    The next thing they knew they're back in the slammer.

    That probation thing is REALLY tough.

    I hope it all goes well - I'll be sending good thoughts your way!

  2. Thanks, KB! The Boy seems to be (except for the booze part) mostly with his head in the right place, for now at least. He actually got up this morning and helped with Mason before I was out the door to work. It's the long haul I'm concerned about right now.

  3. It was certainly interesting for me to read that blog. Thanks for it. I like such themes and everything that is connected to this matter. I definitely want to read a bit more on that blog soon.

  4. Glad to hear that he's out, Far. He needs to lay low for a year. I work with the Family Court system and we have many roughly similar dispositions. I just hope that he can find work soon.

  5. Great advice, Boran, I just hope he heeds it. He's supposedly looking for work — Snippet is back to her job, but it's not enough to keep up with the rent.

    I think the Anon comment was meant to be a spammer-dropping, but there's no link involved so I'll let it be. Moderation on older posts is working very well to keep the blog clean.

  6. I'm soooo glad I'm sixty-one years old. They're locking kids in prison now for stuff they used to laugh about when, at the age of eighteen, I did that stuff myself. The law has no sense of humor any more.

    Worst part is that once they get your number, they never lose it. They'll jump on his case now every time he farts. They'll come looking for him whenever somebody else farts and blame it on him if they can. Best thing you can do is to let him know for certain that they ain't foolin' 'cuz they ain't.

    I joined the Marines. A hitch in the service, successfully completed, wipes the slate clean.

  7. Hey Jimmy, long time no blog! I'll be 51 in about seven minutes from now, and I can remember when the legal "system" saw dumb stuff as dumb stuff. Nowadays, it's all about money and looking "tough on crime" although the real criminals laugh and walk away while they bust kids for easy wins.

    I'm not sure The Boy is temperamentally suited to the military — actually, I'm sure he's not — but I'll relay the info. He does have other considerations, like a GF & kid to support though.

  8. Hiya FAR,

    Glad to hear the Boy is out. As I keep telling you, you need a long vacation. :)

    Hope things quieten down for you and Mrs. Fetched for awhile.

  9. The Boy doesn't need to be temperamentally suited to make it in the Marine Corps. Marine drill instructors have ways to adjust attitudes so that those who come to the Marines temperamentally unsuited experience an epiphany which leads errant children to become temperamentally suitable.

    Academically trained psychiatrists tend to look down on Marine Corps methods just because they involve fists and boots and clubs and brass knuckles and cold showers and sensory deprivation, but those psychiatrists are just jealous because their own methods are worse than ineffective: the psychiatrists often go insane and kill themselves or others (witness Ft. Hood, TX) or both.


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