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Friday, August 20, 2010

A Little Quiet

I took the day off work today to help Daughter Dearest head back to Reinhardt for her junior year. Mrs. Fetched also enlisted Panda to help with various items. Last night was a bit of a crisis; she had some hard drive corruption and her MacBook suddenly decided to refuse to boot. Then Disk Utility said it couldn’t fix the problem. DD said I spent five hours on it altogether, but that was because I didn’t want to invoke the nuclear option (but had to in the end): copy her home directory to an external drive, reformat the internal, then copy her files back after installing Snow Leopard.

I got her refrigerator out of the studio first thing this morning, just to make it easier to move. Then I found an inch of ice in the freezer compartment, so I let it sit outside with the door open. A couple hours later, it hadn’t thawed much, so I took a hammer and chisel to the ice. A spray and PSHHHHHHHH let me know I managed to knock a hole in a freon area… dammit. I took the beer out of my fridge and let her take it instead.

There was a 40% chance of rain today, and light sprinkles were already starting just as we finished loading the truck. Panda tied a tarp over the back, and off we went — and the rain quit a few miles away, naturally. We both managed to find parking slots in front of the dorm and started hauling. For some reason, Mrs. Fetched insisted on bringing Mason with us, so the first few trips up I had Mason in the sling and what little loads I could carry with my free hand. Finally, I wised up and gave him to Mrs. Fetched and I was pulling full capacity for the last two trips.

Two females in a tight space means not a whole lot of room… but after about 20 minutes of putting stuff away, there was enough floor open to move around a little. Once it was slightly more under control, the rest of us bailed for home… and that’s when the rain really started coming down. Mrs. Fetched’s car has some tires on the back that are really prone to hydroplaning on certain roads, and she thought we had a flat tire. She wanted me to stop NOW, but we were going down a hill and I didn’t want to change a tire on a slope. “I don’t care, you could damage the rim!” she yelled. Oh yeah, really nice, the rim is more important than my foot getting crushed when the car falls off the jack. My mind tends to shut off input when it gets that irrational… and of course, none of the tires were flat when I got out in the rain to have a look. We continued on, slowly, until the roads cleared up.

So DD is gone all week and many weekends to come. Fortunately, Snippet has been stepping up a bit in the last week, getting up in the mornings and taking care of business — and DD has been visibly more pleasant to Snippet in response.

Plenty of stuff to do tomorrow, some work-related. I’ve also done some writing on the White Pickups sequel… and did I mention I had a couple ideas for spinoffs?


  1. Err, Far, you'd be bored if it was dull at home, right? :)


  2. Far, one could assume that your excellent crisis-management and -defusing skills probably make you excellent at coding too.

    My household is quiet (I live alone) but the neighbors here are often quite entertaining. Some of us (longer-term tenants in the apartment building, the neighbors from across the street and next door, etc) work out nicknames to describe the many transients that come and go. The current girl next door is a returning visitor whose nickname is Tramp Stamps. She's a 30-something chickie who's got tons of tattoos plus heavy hearing damage from working with the ER/fire crews (not sure what she does exactly). She's got a string of fireman/policeman type BF's who show up in their monster pickup trucks now & then. Being partway deaf, she's as oblivious on the shared-noise issue as smokers are on the shared-stench issue of their disgusting habit.

    Other past notables here include Manson Lamps + Doormat, Frat Boy, the Winchentucky Twins, Vampirette, and the Jailbait Ex-Cons. It's never dull! :(

  3. I'm a fair coder, I could probably be a good one given some practice. I do make the occasional bugfix or feature addition to groff, but they're very simple fixes. But if it can be done with a script, I give it a shot anyway. Let the computer do the repetitive stuff, right?

    *chuckle* Great nicknames. Besides those who appear on the blog, I occasionally nickname someone I run across in the rest of the world who stands out. There was a young woman at the Subway near the office a couple years ago, who had a rather unfriendly attitude & enough metal in her head to set off detectors from outside the airport — I called her Ms. Pierce.


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