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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

All the Extras in One Shot

One thing you can say about the snow: it gave me the opportunity to get all the extra people at FAR Manor together in one shot!

From left to right: M.A.E., Moptop, The Boy, Lobster, Mason, and Snippet. If you’ve wanted to put faces next to the names, here they are.

The Boy and Snippet built the snowman. I, um, accessorized it.


  1. You know what's funny is that I look at this picture of people in the snow and my first thought was "they're not wearing gloves." How's that for a statement about someone who's accustomed to living with snow? :)

    Then, I saw the "accessories" and laughed. Nice.

  2. Hey all!

    Mike, I've done better, but I was working on my own snowwoman at the time and wasn't in a hurry to get it done while they weren't looking.

    Wendy, it was just below freezing, so pockets were sufficient to keep hands warm. I had my down ski mittens, although I had to pull one off to take the pictures.

  3. Thanks for helping us put faces to nicknames, Farf! I don't know why, but The Boy reminds me of the Quaker Oats Man. Sorry I haven't said Hi in a while...work. I try to keep up with the goings on at the FAR Manor even if I don't always have time to leave a note.

  4. Forgot to sign my post...is it still Monday?


  5. Is that a clip from the "Wild and wonderful Whites of West Virginia"?

  6. Hey all!

    Bri, I think The Boy looks kind of professorial when he's not really scraggly. It sure feels like Monday, this was the first day I could get into work!

    Anon, welcome to the free-range insane asylum! These are the Wacky Weirdoes of Planet Georgia. Close!


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