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Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Wednesday Post-Vacation Wibbles

It just seemed like a good time to get away… then again, just about any time is a good time to get away from FAR Manor. So let’s welcome the newest follower to the free-range insane asylum:

I took a few days off work and took Mrs. Fetched, Daughter Dearest, and Mason up to Mom's summer place. (Of course, I arranged it with Mom, who wanted to see her only great-grandchild anyway.) It’s pretty nice up there, what with it being about 10°F cooler than on Planet Georgia and low humidity.

Mason had great fun torturing their kitty…

sliding with Great-Grandma on the playground equipment…
playing on the beach…

… and riding in the golf cart, then fighting sleep tooth and nail the last few nights.

I was certainly not idle: I helped Mom set up a slideshow for her screen saver, finished the self-edit phase on White Pickups, put a copy of it on her Kindle, and worked on another story. The day after I finished the edits, I saw this sign at the back end of the development… and took it as a “sign.” I thought it was pretty cool anyway… if I start serializing the sequel, I’ll include it in the posts.


  1. Cute boy is getting cuter by the second!

  2. No kidding, Maria, Mason is ADORABLE! Oh, how I remember my boys being that age. They were just like that... so cute and cuddly and ... can I squeeze him, FAR? *as I'm being hauled away as child-hugging weirdo*

  3. Hey there!

    Maria, definitely true. There's a reason I call him the World's Cutest Grandkid.

    Cathy, go ahead & give him a hug, but he's not much into cuddly unless he's ready to sleep. ;-)


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