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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Vacation Writing Wibbles

It’s been an odd week for writing, both good and bad. But first, let’s greet the new follower:

  • Philip Ellis — I couldn’t find your website, but shoot me some info and I’ll update!
Being at the resort, I have to go to the clubhouse or office to get Internet access — between Mason and Mrs. Fetched each needing attention, that has been catch as catch can. Writing has been a little easier: I don’t have to go anywhere to do that, and not being able to mess around on Twitter means I have one less distraction/excuse to crank out some words.

Of course, I’d have preferred to focus on Pickups and Pestilence, but I’ve had some trouble putting scenes into words with that one. Instead, I’ve found myself working on a pair of novellas. The first, Chasing a Rainbow, is a fantasy based on a completely worn-out trope; I’m hoping the main characters will make it worth the read. The second, which doesn’t even have a working title, is a sci-fi/detective mashup. I don’t want to get too detailed about either one, since I hope to post one or both as Tuesday Serials when I get them closer to completion.

A shelf here in the clubhouse has a ton of toys to keep Mason occupied, and a random collection of books up top. I picked up Full Dark, No Stars by Stephen King day before yesterday and plowed through it in a day. Most of King’s work is a quick read, at least for me, so I knew I wouldn’t end up leaving it unfinished. I left a review on Goodreads if you’re curious.

And that’s been my Week in Writing.


  1. Good luck on those serials!

    I really mustn't buy any more of King's books until I finish at least two more of those I already own...

  2. I love how you greet your new followers.. it's like someone's at the door and you're saying, "Come on in to the party and say hi to the folks!"

  3. Howdy!

    John, thanks, I'll need all the help I can get with the writing. Of course, since I posted that yesterday, I found my way to the words & got 1800 words into Pickups and Pestilence and enough momentum to get me through this chapter.

    Cathy, that's kind of the idea. ;-) I love the new followers and commenters as much as the regulars.


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