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Monday, October 10, 2011

Let There Be Light

Tonya HardingYou know I wouldn’t pass up a chance to re-use this picture, right?

Tuesday evening, I was playing with Mason under his bed for a few minutes. When I went to get up, I put my left knee down on the register grate… then put my entire weight on that knee. HURT I limped around for a few minutes until the pain went away and didn’t think much of it.

Until that night, when it hurt enough to wake me up. Ibuprofen was my friend then and for the next two nights. It never got to the point where I couldn’t walk on it, or needed my friend Reality the crutch, but I didn’t like it much. From then until Friday afternoon, when the pain subsided, I didn’t do much tweeting, blogging, or writing. I’d planned to post yesterday’s October Horror Spotlight on Thursday, but it was one of the casualties of the week.

So when I got home from work on Friday, I got crackin’ on my #FridayFlash and got it posted.

But Saturday brought new issues to the fore. Ever since the fluorescent fixture in our bathroom crapped out again last winter, we’ve been getting by with a lamp on the vanity. It hasn’t been a wonderful workaround — it gave just enough light to be useful, but took up space and we kept trying to flip the switch. We finally decided to do something about it and picked up a new fixture at Home Despot.

As with any project, I realized I needed more parts once I actually got started, not to mention getting the wrong parts for the next thing, so back I went. With everything I needed, the actual job took less time than the round trips needed to get the stuff. (I took the picture with auto-exposure set to −2 so the light wouldn’t blow out the whole picture.)

A less annoying, but still necessary project, completed the electrical work at FAR Manor. One of the dimmers in the living room wasn’t working right, and I decided to get something that didn’t have a large protruding knob that Mason or Skylar could put a lot of sideways force on. What I really wanted were the new touch-plate dimmers, but they didn’t have any rated to work with dimmable CFL or LED bulbs. So I settled on sliders with rocker switches.

One of the things I got on my second trip was a wall plate and a 3-way switch. It turns out that they don’t have a wall plate with two big rectangular cutouts (slider size) and one small (regular switch size). So I replaced the working switch with a rocker so I could get a plate to fit them all.

Unlike the bathroom light, where I just had to turn off a switch to have safe working conditions, we had to find the breakers for the dimmers. Once that was accomplished, I got to work… OH $#¡+ the 3-way switch was on another circuit we hadn’t shut off! Mrs. Fetched fixed that by hitting the main breaker, and I got that job finished without any further tingly zappage.

So I have a good dimmer and a good 3-way switch in the parts drawer now. I think I know where I want to put the dimmer…


  1. Oh, you are a man now ;) electrocuted yourself, didn't ask what you needed before you left the hardware store... injured yourself and did not go see a doctor.

    Sometimes I forget that writers can be real dues =)

  2. Giving new meaning to the phrase soldiering on. You are the man, Far.

  3. Angela, chuckle… if the knee swelled up, or had needed more than ibuprofen and/or rum to hush it up, I would have gone to the doc. For the rest? Guilty as charged!

    Boran, I didn't want to let FAR Manor beat me!

  4. I could almost say here what a bright 'spark' you are! LOL

    Hope the knee is better. ^_^

  5. So the knee is all better now? We're sure there isn't an issue? Knees freak me out. Had so many troubles with them in recent years.

  6. Oh Helen… I've been zapped!

    John, yup it's fine now. I really thought it was drama-queening on me the whole time — it shouldn't have given me that much grief just for resting on it. It never got to the point where I couldn't walk on it though.

    I know what you mean about knee troubles; type "Kneecapped" in the search thingie to see the escapades my other knee put me through a couple summers ago.


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