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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Revolving Door

I really ought to install a revolving door at FAR Manor — M.A.E. lasted about a week at the free-range insane asylum this time. At the beginning of the week, she told us she was going to visit with Lobster for a night. One night stretched to two, three… and Lobster has a girlfriend living with him, so I don’t think it was that. However, I did get a call on my smellphone while I was at work from some guy named Jesse (I think it was). I figure she hooked up with someone on Facebook. Again.

So I was working at home Friday, because I had a meeting on Wednesday, and she came in without my noticing. I often work with the door closed to keep Mason from demanding more granddad time, so that wasn’t unusual. I also managed to miss the “discussion” she had with Mrs. Fetched, who had talked with her baby-daddy when he called earlier. So…

M.A.E. asked Mrs. Fetched, “Am I going to get Moptop this weekend?”


“Why not?!”

“I don’t want her here this weekend.” There was the minor detail about us not being here all afternoon today, and M.A.E. almost immediately blowing off everything after she promised us she’d do anything if we let her come back, but Moptop does antagonize Mason a lot. Sure, he gives it right back, but the constant shrieking does get annoying.

So M.A.E. stomped upstairs to make some phone calls. Mrs. Fetched called up the stairs after her to bring the phone back down with her. She didn’t. This is where I first learned of M.A.E.’s presence, as she stormed back downstairs, slamming the door behind her, then out. “If you’re leaving,” Mrs. Fetched advised her, “you’d better take your stuff with you, because you’re not coming back.” M.A.E. gave no response. We found out later she went down to Big V’s with the boo-hoo routine, then got Cousin Splat to give her a ride into town (presumably to meet her current… whatever you want to call it).

• • •

Left to right: Mason, me, Skylar
The 80s song, “Me and the Boys” might be my theme song for this week, since that might be what’s coming. Since we get Thursday and Friday off, and everyone else is going to be gone anyway, I took the rest of the week as vacation (or more like staycation). Skylar is another revolving-door inmate at FAR Manor, in and out a lot, and I expect that Mrs. Fetched will find many “reasons” to leave them both with me.

I’m hoping that Big V will start picking up some of the slack, since she’s had cataract surgery and can see a little better now. Funny how things work: just when he’s where he’s not screaming in his sleep at night, and is starting to play a little better with Mason, they take him back.

One of the Evil Twins is here for a couple days, so I just may get a few things done while otherwise abandoned with the grandkid. Her sister is visiting some friends, and she’s getting stir-crazy.


  1. I don't think I've ever read anything quite like that! What an interesting life you lead, Mr. Fetched! And hey, nice to see your whole handsome face, especially since it is surrounded by small, decidedly cute children!
    Sounds like Thanksgiving is going to be, um, interesting! Here's hoping that you get through it, sanity intact!!!!!

  2. Cathy, that's why I call it the free-range insane asylum.

    The wife got that shot in the nick of time — Skylar's heavy, and my arms were about to fall off.

  3. Sounds like the fun never ends, Far. Your life is a lot more exciting than mine. Of course, living where my family considers the "end of the Earth" here in the Hudson Valley, we don't get many visitors. We have just the, umm, outspoken b2 boy to provide us with entertainment.

  4. Dude. How much I do not envy thee.

  5. Boran, given what you do, "not exciting" might be a good thing. Someone phoned in a threat to the local friend of the court in my old hometown last week… he was arrested almost immediately, but still. You should spotlight some of B2boy's antics some time. It's therapeutic if nothing else.

    Maria, there are compensations. Like Mason cuddles, and the opportunity to study conflict…

  6. Damn. That's some happy cuddling going on there :)

    We're having to have "teh talk" with my brother who was going to stay with us for a week or two 4 months ago.

    Turns out he's being a nasty wanker to Wes and being a total snotbucket to Danni. He does not have the right to talk down to my kids at all. "That's my job :)" I am becoming momma bear and last night had to keep Wayne from going positively postal on him.

    Was supposed to talk to him this weekend but he went barhopping and I was visited by my dance partner Mr. Vertigo. Barhopping? When you should be looking for a place, networking and finding another job...

    We might even have to have the talk on Turkey Day. But we did tell the kids last night that we were all on the same page about needing him to leave asap. I think they were scared hew as going to stay forever. Wes was very upset.

    Found out a little passive aggressive BS he pulled on Wes (who is autistic btw) He asked him if he wanted some of the garlic bread he was making. Wes LOVES bread. So he said, "Yes, Please." My brother then said, "how about a 'Yes, I would like some garlic bread you prepared Uncle Ryan, please'." NOT COOL. Danni and Wes told us but it was a few days later. We told them what to do next time. call us immediately. I'm fuming mad.

  7. Ouch, ouch, OUCH, Janet! When I saw it was your comment, I was going to ask you if you'd jettisoned the bro yet. I think I would have let Wayne go postal on him and just cleaned up the mess. (That's what I tell DD's boyfriends: "She's old enough & mature enough to make her own decisions, so I don't have to threaten you. I just have to scrape up what's left if *she* decides to turf you.")

    Yeah, I thought "not cool" for zinging you about using adult language (in front of adults) when I was there. Like us, you've put up with too much for too long. Don't give him a week to pack, give him 2 hours and a ride to wherever it is he wants to go next. Hell, when he went barhopping, putting his stuff at the curb would have been a proper response.

  8. Hadn't thought of that...

    He really laid into me on the ride home to get Wes that day. How you probably were glad to be rid of me after all that cussing. Cussing is how I cope and it was such a screw up of a day and a big day for Wes.

    Plus... here I had tried to do something "normal" like meet a friend after work for a drink or two. Normal right? Not for me. My brother shows up at my work needing a ride and traffic is all fubared and then I get the call, "hello, Mom, you screwed up on the dates."

    Adult language in front of an adult. You saw how totall stressed I was about possibly screwing up wes' time with a friend during the Make a Wish deal...

    But yeah.. He did chide me and criticize me for it all. As my family said I don't see or get his pass/aggro ways.

    Thanks for still being my friend. Despite what my brother says

  9. You do look nice with the two kids there. It's a shape the slightly older relatives and non-relatives can be so troublesome for you. Don't let them wreck your Thanksgiving.

  10. Janet, I remember you saying that & thinking he was just looking for something to criticize (I know that tactic well). He lost all sympathy on my end with that one.

    JohnW, it's supposed to be nice (sunny & lower 60s) Thursday & Friday, so I expect that the mellow people among us just might hang out on the patio with a nice little fire and beverages of choice!


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