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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Junk in My Trunk

It’s been a long overdue chore to clean out the trunk of my car, and I finally tackled it this weekend. Here's what I found:
  • Trash. Enough to half-fill a big trash bag. Actually, there was already a trash bag a quarter full.
  • Lots of hardware. I knew The Boy had a screw loose, but not that he had a couple dozen of them in my trunk.
  • Scat-loads of his and Snippet’s clothes, and a few of Mason’s.
  • A couple of Mason’s toys (he was happy to have another ball).
  • $1.14 in loose change.
  • Three UPS batteries. Oh yeah, that's where I put them — thinking I’d soon find a place where I could replace them — two years ago.
  • A skateboard. I texted The Boy about it, and he thought he might have put it in there to keep stuff from slipping past the gap at the front of the plywood platform.
  • Daughter Dearest’s kite (in a vinyl bag, so it survived).
  • A shade for the back window, that I bought last summer to keep it from getting too hot on Mason when I took him somewhere.
  • Two binders that belong to the choir.
  • A bunch of CDs (all The Boy’s, I presume).
  • Three pens. Two of them still write.
  • Two screwdrivers and a wrench.
  • Two jacks, various extensions and the like — but no spare tire (I knew that) or lug wrench (oops).
I think I excised a good 20 pounds from the trunk, when all was said and done. The thin plywood that serves as a floor over the spare tire well is seriously warped and coming apart, so I’ll need to replace that soon. I’ll reinforce the replacement so it doesn’t sag so badly over time. I just wish I knew where the water was coming in back there; it’s keeping me from stuffing some camping gear in there for an impromptu getaway.


  1. Holy crap Larry... that's a lot of stuff!! Maybe you'll get better gas mileage now! hahaha

  2. I hope so, Loni! I left off most of the stuff that went back into the trunk, too. ;-)

  3. That's a whole lotta stuff! The trunk tends to become a catchall for those things that don't have a home. I've got to go through mine.

  4. You didn't throw away the tools, did you Larry? It seems like some of that stuff could go to good use.

  5. Heck no, John! I'm kind of a pack rat. Trash got trashed. Everything else found a home somewhere. I really should trade some of that goop for a spare tire. (Too bad I can't just take the one off my waist.) :-P


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