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Sunday, May 13, 2012

They’re Bawwwwck…

See how they're in the farthest corner
away from the crucifix?
Fortunately, not in the numbers they once were though.

My mother in law was either overcome by nostalgia for the “old days,” when getting eggs involved walking across the yard, or just got bored at how much less evil things have become since November. However it was, she got herself a dozen laying hens and a couple roosters last month.

Of course, they need a little fresh air and the like, so she converted an old shed last used to raise orphaned or abandoned calves. This shed has a generous half-acre of fenced in pasture, and “all we had to do” was hang some chicken wire on it to help keep them in.

Do hippie chickens
lay psychedelic eggs?
With the place prepared, the new avatars of evil were brought in and shown their new home. Being of non-industrial breed, they’re a lot more colorful than the plain white chicken house chickens. Mason enjoys watching them walk around outside, and we all enjoy the eggs.

But I have to wonder: do hippie chickens lay psychedelic eggs?


  1. Oh chickens I want chickens, I do I do, there is nothing like the taste of a real free range egg. I have a friend who keeps chooks and get eggs from her sometimes. ^__^ I bet those roosters make a noise in the mornings! Wakey wakey ^__^

  2. You'll know the answer to that if their eggs come out in those Easter-dyejob colors. Then they're either hippies or Christian fundamentalists.

  3. Well I don't know about psychedelic but it looked like you may have a couple that might lay green or blue ones. It's all gonna be okay. The backyard layer hens are a far cry less evil on the whole.

  4. the world has gone hippy chicken mad! bok-BOK!


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