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Friday, June 01, 2012

#FridayFlash: Secret War of the Birds

Wing Commander Hollowquill wasted no time when she heard the "in-coming! in-coming!" alert from the forward observers. She hadn't felt it yet, but it was only a matter of time. She readied the defenses.

The air grew crowded with the racket from the observers, but… there. A disturbance in the magnetic field, invaders coming from beyond the sky. In other places, Eagles defended the world from the invaders, but this was Hollowquill's territory. Her sensitive magnetic sensors pinpointed the invaders' path down. She trained her laser, leading just a little, and fired.

Walking below, a human looked around at the "tschuu tschuu tschuu" sound. Down the block, other birds were raising a hell of a racket. "Stupid bird, sounds like a space laser," he laughed, and walked on. Behind him, a mother bird brought the morning's bounty to a hungry nest full of babies. The Earth was safe for another day.


  1. Heh... how little we know of the dedicated soldiers that protect us.

    Funny one, Larry.

  2. I won't make so much fun of the mad bird noises I hear outside now!

  3. Okay, I'll forgive their early-morning chirping this once.

  4. That's an impressive first line of defense. Nice one.

  5. Ha! When they poo on me if means what exactly?

    Nice one, Larry.

  6. It's a good thing Earth doesn't rely on humans to protect it. I love the names you chose for this one.

  7. Ha! Very good, Far! It's a bird-eat-bird world out there.

  8. I could here those alarm calls - This goes on in my backyard frequently when my cats take a stroll. ^_^

  9. I never trusted those birds: they fly in perfect formation, of course they communicate on a level far superior to ours. That's not tschuu tschuu they're saying.

  10. We have several bird feeders set up in our garden, so I'm hoping we will get extra-special protection from the members of the air defense squadron. :)

  11. Birds are a lot smarter than we think. Nice little snippet Larry :).

  12. Thanks Tony!

    Icy, JohnW, I'm sure they'll appreciate that. ;-)

    Tim, it's the only line. They hold it well.

    Jack, it means they think you need some fertilizer!

    Aidan, thanks. Even bird watchers haven't caught on yet…

    Boran, that wasn't a worm Hollowquill brought back to the nest. ;-)

    Helen, cats are one thing — but if you hear those laser noises, better duck!

    Flyingscribbler, they've been defending Earth for a long time. Long enough to evolve magnetic field detectors.

    Steve, I'm sure they appreciate it — you haven't been abducted by aliens yet, right?

    Thanks, Craig. And that pic you sent was pretty funny!

  13. Ah those birds! They never cease to amaze...I should be paying more attention to those sounds and those flights from now on.

    Nice story Larry! :) Really liked it.

  14. I love birds even more now! All I ask is that they don't poop on my car! I loved this story!

  15. Thanks, Cindy! Just remember to duck when you hear lasers…

    Xanto, a little car splat is a small price to pay for their saving the earth every day!

  16. Gives the expression 'bird brain' a whole new meaning, what with the birds evolving their space defence weaponry :)

  17. Fun story! An expose on the unknown unknowns!


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