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Thursday, July 26, 2012

#FridayFlash: Shine Until Tomorrow (conc.)

And we bring this story to a close. In case you’ve missed the earlier pieces, here they are:

“What does that mean?” Mary pushed away to look at Eric.

“You used ‘let it be’ to bring the beast to life, right? And all that other stuff, like getting me out from under that pole. And making the angel.” He took a deep breath. “But not us. I was into you before that.”


“Yeah. I used to watch you in history class. I was afraid I wouldn’t be good enough for you, so I never dared to try talking to you. I was gonna take art next semester so we’d have another class together.”

Mary grinned. “I so totally wanna hear about this. But we need to get rid of the angel first.”

“It’s that Beatles song.”

“That what song?”

Eric laughed. “My dad said he used to sing it to make me go to sleep, when I was a baby. Let It Be. I bet it’s in there. ‘There will be an answer’.”

Mary shuddered. “I remember thinking that. A couple times, while I was finishing a sketch. How come I don’t know the song?”

“You probably heard it and forgot. I guess it came out when our grandparents were our age.” Eric shrugged. “Dad and Aunt Circe liked the Beatles, and she has her CDs here. Let’s go look for it.”

They went back inside, and Eric lifted the cushion beneath the CD player. He pulled out stacks of CDs and handed them to Mary, digging deeper until, “Aha! Got it! Here, let’s put the other ones back first.” Mary passed stacks back to Eric, until they were all put away. He replaced the cushion. “Let’s play this.” Eric turned on the CD player and inserted the disc. “Track 6. Let me know if it’s too much, okay?”

Mary nodded, and Eric pressed Play. She laughed at the opening lyrics, but was soon caught up. The refrain brought quiet tears to her eyes, but she let the song go on. Near the end, she gasped. “Eric! Stop!”

“What?” He paused the CD. “Are you alright?”

“Yeah. Can you back it up a little?”

“Sure.” Eric held the Back button, watching the numbers count back, then pressed Play again.

“That’s it!” Mary was already at the table, sketchpad open, pencil flying across the paper. She looked up and gave Eric a wild grin. “I’m baaaaack! Give me a few minutes, okay?”

“Okay. I need to go get whatever they’re handing out for supper, anyway.” He picked up a cooler. “I’ll be back in a few.”

By the time Eric returned, Mary was pacing outside the camper.

“They made rolls today!” he grinned, holding up a plastic bag. “And they gave Aunt Circe two cans of beer. She’ll like that.”

“Spam and green beans, too?”

Eric laughed. “How did you know? Did you draw it?”

“Nope, just guessed. Come look.” She took his wrist and pulled him inside.

Source: christianimagesource.com
“Cool,” he said, looking at the drawing. It showed the angel, rising to Heaven in a great beam of light, with people watching all around. Above were three words, different than from before: SHINE • UNTIL • TOMORROW.

“Do you think it’ll work?” Eric asked her.

“Only one way to find out,” she grinned, and kissed him with fervor.

They soon felt the gaze of the angel upon them, but there was also a glow, far brighter than the evening light. Mary looked up again. “Shine until tomorrow,” she said. “Then you go home.” She laughed.

“I guess we’ll have to be careful then,” said Eric. “About… you know.”

“Let it be!” said Mary. They laughed together.



  1. Aww loved that ending! I almost shouted hooray when she got her talent back to make things happen. Nice series Larry really enjoyed it.

  2. Ha! Perfect ending. I love it.

    This could have gone all sorts of ways, Larry. But you brought it to a very satisfying conclusion.

    And I'm glad Eric cleared up the "I was into you before that" thing - that was going to destroy Mary eventually.

    Really nice work.

  3. Lovely ending Larry.. Can't help thinking Mr Lennon may be playing a prank here.. He hated the song too.. har har. Mind you, don't know what sort of beast would have come from his song 'Mother'
    (btw ..sorry I haven't managed to comment on your fab stories recently.. work makes it very difficult..but I am still reading...)

  4. Alright! Great ending Larry, happy to see Mary's talent back on full power and serving her well.

    Loved the series and much enjoyed reading the parts. Well done.

  5. Nice that they ended up laughing together.

  6. Ah I'm glad to see you returned to this story, and I'm glad to see you wrapped everything up! Hopefully they can be happy now.

  7. Hi all!

    That's cool Helen… I don't think I ever had anyone say they (almost) cheered for one of my stories!

    Kevin, several people opined that Mary would regret "drawing" Eric to her, and at the time I agreed. But Eric blurted out his confession when I was writing this piece. Surprised me too! :-)

    Tom, I wonder if maybe Mary should try drawing something using "Power to the People." Hope you get out from under, I do enjoy seeing you here!

    Thanks, Cindy!

    Tim, I thought so too.

  8. Great ending Larry, I've really enjoyed this mini-series, and the way you built the story line around the song lyrics, hopefully she'll manage to stay out of trouble from now on.... Maybe.

  9. Brilliant way to end it, and glad it was a happy ending. After my weekend I could do with a couple of beers myself.

  10. Loved the ending! Also that Mary gave the angel a deadline, instead of trying for an immediate leave. Smart.

  11. Thanks, Sonia!

    Steve, there's no way Mary's going to stay out of trouble! But from now on, I think it will be the normal teenage kind of trouble. ;-)

    Craig, you and me both. When you need to go to work to recover from the weekend, what does that tell you?

    Katherine, I think the phrase had something to do with the delayed "deadline." ;-) I'll bet she didn't sleep much that night, what with the lights on & anticipating an unsupervised make-out session. :-D


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