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Friday, August 24, 2012

#FridayFlash: Twin Sisters of Different Mothers, pt 4

The conclusion! (I’ll add the Part 3 link when I get home from vacation.)

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

After a few minutes, Monica came downstairs to find her husband sitting on the couch, staring at an open bottle. He would lift it as if to drink, then put it down and stare at it again. She sat down next to him, put an arm around his shoulders, and kissed him. “You’re forgiven,” she said. “I can understand how you could have mistaken her for me. Poor girl. For all I know, we could be related.”

“I was just so relieved to see you—her—alive,” Rob moaned, capping the Scotch and dropping it on the coffee table. “I know it’s selfish, but I’m glad that’s not you upstairs. You didn’t get hurt.”

The phone rang, cutting off Monica’s response. “I’ll get that,” she said, jogging to the den. “Hello?” Rob heard. “Yes, this is she. Oh. You did? Well, good. Ah… yes, the address is correct, you can send it there. Thank you so much.”

“That was the airport investigators,” Monica said. “The plane I was supposed to be on crashed? My God, you must have been half out of your mind! Anyway, they found my purse on the plane and they’re going to overnight it here. Which means,” she said, punching three buttons on the phone, “your friend upstairs is the one who stole it in the first place.”

“Oh my God,” Rob said. “The State Department people who called to verify your identity said you looked just like a wanted criminal in the Netherlands. It has to be her!”

The sight of police entering the bedroom was the trigger that restored Monique’s memory. With her leg in a cast and her head still woozy from jet lag and the concussion, she was unable to run and settled for insulting the cops in Dutch. She gave up the “no speak English” gambit when Monica translated the insults, and stopped speaking entirely.

“You’ll want to contact Immigration,” Monica said, as the cops handcuffed Monique to the wheelchair in the foyer. “She’s a Dutch national, probably on a falsified visa, and is wanted by the police in the Netherlands.”

“Jesus, lady,” one of the cops said. “She looks like your twin sister. You think you’re related, maybe?”

“Twin sisters of different mothers?” Monica chuckled. “She never showed up at family gatherings—have you, Monique?”

Monique just glared as the cops wheeled her to the van.

“Next time you go overseas,” Rob said as they watched the cops drive away, “I’m going with you. I don’t think I could take a repeat.”

“That would be peachy,” Monica said, turning him toward the door. “Then when we get our stuff stolen, who do we call to verify that we’re us?”

Rob gave her a cock-eyed look. “For that matter, how do I know you’re really Monica? Maybe I just sent my own wife to the pokey?”

Monica smiled. “Oh, I think I know of a way to verify my identity. Let’s go upstairs and see.”


  1. "Let's go upstairs and see..."
    Yup, more than one way to ID a Monique/Monica! Lively story, Larry!

  2. Ah all's well that ends well eh! Still he should have know his wife - nice ending to a good story Larry.

  3. Nice ending! I just caught up on all of the other parts. Quite an adventure for ol' Rob.

  4. Nicely rounded of Larry, and the saucy touch at the end was the icing on the cake.

  5. Hi all! I'm home and ready to chat! (and soon, I'll be coming around to check out everyone else's #FridayFlash)

    Cathy, I would think that's the most fun way to show ID, anyway! :-D

    Helen, thanks. I'll expand a little more below.

    Thanks, Aaron! Quite an adventure for them both.

    Steve, I'm rather fond of that ending too.

    Several people, including Icy, said Rob should have known that Monique wasn't Monica. Implicit in that is "or he should have a good reason not to." Fiction, unlike reality, has to make sense. I see now what I didn't before; Rob was stressed out by hearing about the plane crash, a little strung out by the drive to NYC, and completely freaked out when he saw Monica's double, with bandaged head and suffering from amnesia. I should have included some of his doubts… She's just not herself. I hope she comes around. I don't know if I'll ever do anything with this story beyond posting it here — but if I do, it'll now be covered! Thanks all for your comments!

  6. Now that's one cool ending Larry! Loved it.

    The story as a whole was very well paced, intriguing and tricky. Great stuff.

  7. No way would I trust sex verification after all that. He's probably going to get his neck snapped!

  8. This last bit reminded me of a student howler I once read: "Holland is a low, lying country." (As opposed to "low-lying".)

    I'm glad things finally got settled out, but I think John's comment is a good point!

  9. John, I wouldn't be worried about my neck being snapped!

    Katherine, those dang commas can really wreck your day, huh?

  10. She's a lot more forgiving than I would have been!

  11. I'm glad Rob got out of it just fine! I know I would be a wrecked if someone I loved was in such an accident. Great story overall!


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