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Friday, September 28, 2012

#FridayFlash: Uprising

Source: openclipart.org
Joe leaned over, and threw a couple sticks into the fire ring. Sparks spiraled up, reaching to join their brothers in the sky. A wisp of smoke curled Joe's way in the dark, not strong enough to sting his eyes.

He gave a happy sigh, leaned back in is plastic chair, and drained his Bud. At his feet, his dog Bo echoed the sigh. Joe tossed the empty beer can onto the heap of cans, off to one side, then fished a fresh one out of the cooler next to him.

Popping the can, he paused. Standing across from him, at the edge of the firelight, was a strange woman. Her wrinkled face and dark garb made her hard to see, as if she were just part of the woods.

"Where the hell did you come from?" he demanded, glaring at the interloper. He stole a glance at Bo, who made no attempt to get up.

"I have always been here," the woman replied. Joe thought she had an accent. Something foreign.

"You squattin' on my property?" Joe was incensed. "Bad enough you Mexicans sneak up here and live off our welfare, you gotta squat on land that don't—"

"Where do you get your wood?" the woman cut in, gesturing at the stack, within easy reach of Joe's chair.

"I cut it myself. As if that's any of your business," he growled. "Too many trees, anyway. I'm clearin' out—"

"You have said enough!" The woman took a step closer. Her clothes looked like tree bark. Damn good camo, he thought. Bo raised his head, sniffed, and trotted off into the woods. "By your own words," she went on, "you are condemned, you and all your brethren."

"What's that supposed—" Joe sneered, then heard the snapping noises. He looked around, but never saw the bough that crushed his thick skull and collapsed the chair beneath him.

The dryad raised her arms; around her, the trees whispered in the language of the wind. "This night," she intoned, "we rise up! Join me, my sisters. Let all Nature arise and reclaim what is hers!"

Bo returned, and sniffed his fallen master. He whined and lay down next to him. Around them, the uprising began.


  1. Nature will win every time.

    I have visions of those big talking tree thingies in "Lord of the Rings" taking the law into their own hands. :)

  2. "The dryad raised her arms; around her, the trees whispered in the language of the wind" - Loved that line Larry!

    I have the feeling this uprising is going to be fatal for mankind!

  3. I pictured angry Ents at her bidding as well! I love how the dog bailed and then came back after the deed was done.

  4. Fabulous. I have never figured out why people chop down perfectly good trees for small fires when there's plenty of nice dry deadwood all ready to use.

    Go dryads!

  5. That's right, Steve — Nature always bats last! I wasn't thinking rampaging Ents so much as naiads bursting dams, branches and brambles choking, trees falling onto houses…

    Cindy, it sure looks that way from this end!

    Aaron, I think she got a tree to make a noise for the innocent dog to investigate.

    Thanks, Katherine. The deadfall burns better, too! We go through a few cords of deadwood per winter here.

  6. Trees have a lot about which to be upset with humans. We would deserve their wrath.

  7. Yeah, fighting nature is a losing proposition. Good story.

  8. I'm a little surprised Bo didn't bark. But this is great, Larry - I'm pining for more. Wood that be possible?

  9. It's almost the ancient against the redneck. Ha, I dug this, Larry!

  10. Good point, Richard. I think I'll take some of these spoiled pears and persimmons, and see if I can persuade new trees to grow…

    Thanks, Sonia!

    Jack, I think Bo was used to the dryad being around. She was there before he was. That's the nature of dog… if the other thing was there first, it's OK.

    Thanks, John!

  11. Part of me actually wishes this would happen. It would certainly teach mankind a lesson.

  12. Nice one. Humans are the most invasive species of all.

  13. Icy, maybe there will be humans left over to learn the lesson!

    Thanks, Tim…


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