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Friday, November 16, 2012

Flash (#FridayFlash)

I don’t need pity. So what if I’m deaf? Not only do I miss the banal noise of everyday life, it’s awesome PR. I could be lost in a sea of women looking for modeling work in this city. Instead, I’m Kyria Mist, Deaf Supermodel. Work what you’ve got.


I’ve worked with this photographer before. He’s okay, and he’s trying to learn enough ASL to coach me through the poses. I think he’s doing it to get in good with me. I give him props for trying, even if it’s easier, faster, and more accurate to tell the interpreter what he needs.


Duck into the wardrobe for the next outfit, and back on the platform. These fall fashions aren’t exactly practical for cold weather, but they get attention. That’s what’s important. I don’t have to wear it outside this studio, I just have to help sell it.


In mid-instruction, the photographer and interpreter stop. The little TV isn’t where I can see, but they’re looking at it. And they’re horrified. Assassination? Another 9/11? Damn.

Then, they’re in panicked motion. The photographer snatches his camera off the tripod, throws it in a bag. The interpreter is signing we’ve got to go, frantically. She grabs up my jeans and blouse and flings them at me, points to the wardrobe.

What the hell—


Source: openclipart.org
The interpreter and photographer look at each other. His lips say, “Oh shit,” and they crouch on the floor, hands over their heads.

The first and last thing I ever hear, in my entire life, is the sound of the shockwave toppling our building.


  1. Man, what a way to finally hear something.

  2. And that's what we'd call irony, eh? Nice piece, really liked the tone of the model.

  3. Not sure why I enjoyed the "Oh shit" moment so much, but it came across very clear to me. A small degree of pleasure in a cynic's demise this morning.

    In paragraph one you wrote, "Not only do I have to listen to the banal noise" - since she's deaf, did you mean, "Not only do I not have to listen"?

  4. I liked the "Oh shit" moment too, if for no other reason than the persistence of the duck and cover maneuver.

  5. What a fantastic story, like the others the Oh shit moment did it for me! I love the way the flash frames the parts of the stories! Well done!

  6. fabulous payoff line. Terrific stuff.

    marc nash

  7. I love the fact that she sees the positive in her situation, and that's a humdinger of a closing line.

  8. Tony, it's said that a game animal doesn't hear the shot that kills it. In her case, it was just the opposite.

    Thanks, Patricia!

    Good catch, John. I fixed it.

    Tim, at least "duck and cover" is slightly more dignified than "run around like a headless chicken"!

    Thanks, Sylvia! I realized that I borrowed from Click, an older #FridayFlash of mine (in which another model doesn't have a good day either).

    Wow, thanks Marc!

    Glad it worked, Icy!

  9. Wow what a way to hear for the first time! it all happened in a flash! ^_^

  10. Really enjoyed this. What an awesome and terrifying sound to hear before she went.

    I liked Kyria as a character. Making the most of her situation.

  11. Thanks, C.M., and welcome to the free-range insane asylum!

    Helen, what else can you say? ;-)

    Thanks, Craig. Unfortunately, Kyria and everyone else ended up in the same BBQ. :-P

  12. That's a killer last line - and after I'd really warmed to Kyria and her positive take on her situation, too!! Mist turns to rubble in an instant. Powerful stuff.

  13. I enjoyed the cynical outlook of the model,the sense of realism in her actions.I could only imagine how crappy it would be to gain your hearing only to lose your life.Talk about irony...I enjoyed it greatly,Larry.

  14. An apocalyptic story after my own heart, a flash of light, a flash of hearing...

  15. In the Australian vernacular, I can envisage the model saying, "Oh bugger." It's an expression that has many uses depending on tone and circumstance. But a whole lot of fun.
    Adam B @revhappiness

  16. Shock and awwwwww. Love this, Larry.

  17. Oh shit, what a great and shocking ending! Really enjoyed this Larry!


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