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Wednesday, July 03, 2013


I tuned the Launch Cannon to fire at B&N and Amazon pretty much simultaneously. That actually worked out pretty well. As I’ve been researching in the last month or so, I’ve learned several ways I could further streamline the formatting process. Now, I have extremely clean EPUB and MOBI output, which takes less than an hour to clean up from Scrivener, and a fairly easy way to get the text to a typesetting program for printing (the next frontier).

Next up, the dreaded Smashwords thing. Actually, I’m going to hand them an EPUB and see if anyone complains about other formats before I do the .DOC file thing… so if you depend on Smashwords for anything non-EPUB, let me know right away!

Just in case you missed the cover reveal and blurb last week, I’ll go ahead and repeat it for you here:

Infiltrating a nest of rogue sorcerers can be hazardous… to your heart.

Mik and Sura are growing ever stronger as apprentice sorcerers, but neither knew what living in Mik's hometown would do to their relationship. Torn apart by misunderstanding, Mik volunteers for a hazardous mission in a distant land. Now Sura must learn to trust, and Mik must learn the true meaning of home.

And now, I get to take a brief break from writing, editing, and production for a while. I’m going to read some stuff now!


  1. Congratulations and happy reading!

    That's great about the text format implementation time. It just occurred to me the other day that format tag cleanup could be a great excuse to finally get into Python... shall have to see.

  2. Thanks much, Katherine!

    It's a shame you can't get Sigil running on your computer. I export an EPUB from Scrivener, pull it into Sigil, and use regular expressions to do the grunt work. The built-in validator is handy, too. Then Kindle Previewer converts it to MOBI for me. I pull the appropriate formats onto my Kindle and Nook for a final scan-through.


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