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Friday, August 23, 2013

Adam and Steve (#FridayFlash)

Amazing, the ideas you come up with on a morning commute.

“Yooooooohoooo. Adam… Earth to Adam.”

“Oh… geez. Sorry, Steve.” Adam patted the riverbank next to him. “Have a lie-down.”

“Dude. I could have swallowed you whole, just now, and you wouldn’t have even noticed.”

“Sorry,” Adam said again, as Steve dropped next to him with an audible whoomph. “Got a lot on my mind, I guess.”

“Remember when it was just you and me?” Steve gave a wistful sigh. “You’d ride on my shoulders on those evening walks, and we’d talk about the day? Paradise lost, man.”

“You could still come.”

“After that curse she laid on me? Man, that was just mean.”

“You caught her at three-quarter moon. I don’t know what it is, but she gets really horrid at three-quarter. Not that it’s all that much better the rest of the month, lately. Why haven’t you weeded the garden, when are you gonna put up that rain shelter, why can’t we eat the apples—”

“Whoa. She knows better about the apples!”

“She keeps asking what’s the point. Like there needs to be a point? God said no. It’s not like there’s a shortage of food or anything.”

“Wow. That’s a new one.” Steve rubbed his head against a tree. “Who’s she been talking with?”

Adam sighed. “Well, she’s been hanging out with the serpent a lot.”

“Jeez, not the serpent?” Steve sounded shocked. “There’s something wrong with that dude. Look, man. Tell her anything. Tell her… tell her you’ll stop seeing me if she’ll stop hanging out with the serpent.”

“I wouldn’t do that!”

“You have to, man. For both your sakes.“

Adam gave Steve a sad smile. “You’re the best friend a man could ever have, Steve. If you had lips, I’d kiss you.”

“Ha, a T-rex is man’s best friend. I like that. Just see if you can get that curse rescinded. Having my descendants evolve into chickens would really suck.”

“Hi, honey.”

Adam paused. It had been quite a while since Eve had greeted him with a smile and a kiss. “Uh, hey,” he ventured. “You sound happy.”

“I know, I’ve been a real bear lately. I wanted to make it up to you.” She smiled. “I baked you a pie.”


  1. A naked woman, offering a freshly baked apple pie as a peace offering? Heck, I'd have succumbed to temptation, too!

  2. I wasn't expecting one character to be a T-Rex. lol

  3. Steve sounds like he's already a little chicken. ;-) Cute collection of anachronisms in this.

  4. BFFs with a dinosaur! That's just boss.

  5. I bet Eve could tempt him easily with that pie! ;)

  6. Real bromance between Steve and Adam there!

  7. Tony, a guy's two favorite things: pie and nekkid wimmin!

    Patricia, I wanted to save that for the twist, although I did put in hints.

    Thanks, Tim!

    John, I was trying to poke at both the fundies ("it was Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve!"), and those who laugh at the fundies' insistence that Man and Dino were contemporaries.

    Helen, like I told Tony, pie and nudity always work!

    Icy, yup, the very first bromance!

  8. Fun dialogue. The chicken line made me laugh.

  9. The pie and the T-rex were priceless!

  10. best friends with a t-rex. Funny. And I trust that pie has apples!


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