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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Weekend Roundup: Sliding into Fall

Last night brought frost to FAR Manor, the first October frost in three years. It’s all downhill from here:

I committed myself to write reviews for three books I’ve read in the last few weeks, so I wrapped those up last night. Links go to Goodreads:

They’re all good, go check 'em out!

In my own writing endeavors, I’ve finished up the first part of The Lost Years. I need to get cranking on the next part, which is sort of plotted out in my head, but The Sorcerer’s Daughter is the priority at the moment. I’m going through +Helen Howell’s beta comments, which were more encouraging than I thought. I figured I’d have to rewrite all of Chapter 2, but Helen said it was the first half of the chapter that needed work. So if I can get that fixed in the next few days, maybe the editor can get it back to me and I’ll still be good for that November launch.

And, this song has been stuck in my head on auto-repeat all week:

I bought the album so I could play the song at will, because that usually kills the earworm, but this one is a little tougher to shake loose.

My shoulder is getting better, finally. I need it to be 100% NOW, though, since it’s firewood season. I have to remember to bring in wood with my right arm and use my left for opening doors, the opposite of how I usually do things, to not hurt it. And I’m nowhere near ready to sling a chainsaw around for an entire afternoon. I started to hit a depression last week, but I think it passed. I don’t need that on top of everything else.


  1. So, you had frost? I had snow. Want to trade?

  2. Up where I am we've just had rain. Bone-chilling, very cold rain.

    Congrats on the writing progress, and I hope your shoulder gets better soon! I know what you mean about having to change habits -- I've had to do a lot of those the last few years as well.

  3. Weather has been fantastic here in Texas. Finally out walking. Hope you get your shoulder working right for you and firewood is a (relative) breeze for ya'll this year.

  4. It's just cold here. I'm happy to settle for that until December, if I can keep it. No precipitation, please.

  5. Thanks for the review, Larry!

    We've had frost a few nights now. Had to bring in the elephant ears, dwarf papyrus and water hyacinths. Will trim back and cover the basil & rosemary in a week or two.

  6. Patricia, I think Mason would be glad to trade. Seeing as it was the first October frost in three years, I can't complain.

    Katherine, I'm hoping it will be close enough to 100% by next weekend that I'll be able to use a chainsaw.

    John, I don't think you *really* want a month of drought, do you?

    No prob, Tony! Here, most herbs (not basil) winter over pretty well. I have oregano, thyme, sage, lemon balm, and rosemary planted here & there. Lemon balm doesn't die back until it gets below 20F. I forgot to bring in the basil, so I have to assume it's frozen toast.

  7. First of all I'm glad your shoulder is on the mend, now don't over do it and set yourself back, secondly I'm pleased my comments on your manuscript helped in some small way. We've been rained on non stop here in Melbourne but late this afternoon the sun came out. I'm hoping for warmer weather now, so many things to get planted including my tomato plants I grew from seed , that are now quite big in pots and suffering somewhat from the cold weather.

    I think depression is normal when you have something that nags you like your shoulder for a long period of time, it does get one down, I know because of my neck problems - chin up keep smiling all things pass eventually. ^_^ Some glitter to brighten up your weekend ✰ •* ˚ ♥ 。* ˛。✰˚* ˚ ★ღ   ★ ° :.˚ ♥   . • ○ ° ★  .  *☆  

  8. Larry, I hope that the rewriting goes well. And quickly. I hope that your shoulder heals quickly. It sounds like you are taking good care of it.


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