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Saturday, November 23, 2013

The Many (goofy) Faces of Mason

When Mason takes selfies, he goes all out:

So the wife, daughter, and I were all laughing about this, and Mason came to see what was so funny. I showed him, and he said…

“That’s not funny at all.”

Which was even more hilarious, of course.


  1. Those are awesome! Niece the Elder took a selfie (complete with my mum photo bombing in the background) on my phone, and when we laughed about our after she insisted I was the one who had taken it -- seeing how it was on my phone and all.

    I like how you put the photos in a strip.

  2. He doesn't even know his own range!

  3. Who need s a photo booth? Those are great.

  4. Katherine, I put them in a strip because he had a finger partially blocking the lens (you can see it on the last pic on the right). It made for a fun little photo booth effect, as well as getting rid of the finger.

    Thanks, Helen!

    Angela, that's why he's the World's Cutest Grandkid. :-P

    John, few of us do.

    Thanks, Tim. Give a kid a camera phone, and you'll spend the rest of your day deleting photos…


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