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Friday, February 07, 2014

Blink's First Adventure (4/4) (#FridayFlash)

Previous: Meet Blink | Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

Last week, while Captain Heroic created a diversion, Blink popped into the Blackuras’ house to free Frank—but as he untied Frank, a punk confronted them with a lug wrench! Will Blink prevail? Read on for the thrilling conclusion!

Frank moaned and backed up two steps, and the punk grinned.

Blink thought of several possibilities all at once: yell for help, take off and leave Frank behind, or stand and fight. He reached for his pocket, where he had the panic button that Captain Heroic gave him, but stopped. This is your show. If he was going to be a hero, he had to act like one, not wimp out at the first sign of trouble. And he did have a football player on his side… “Frank,” he whispered. “Log roll.”

“What?” Frank asked, but Blink had already popped out of the room, behind the punk.

“Now, Frank!” Blink yelled, throwing himself forward.

The punk turned, throwing himself off-balance, just as Blink plowed into him with a grunt. He staggered forward into the room, flailing. Frank suddenly realized what Blink meant, and threw himself at the punk’s feet. The punk went down, lug wrench skidding across the floor, and Frank rolled and came up in front of Blink in a three-point stance. Blink flickered away again, reappearing three feet in the air above the punk as he tried to scramble to his feet. He dropped onto the punk’s lower back, slamming him back down. The couple in the next room paid no attention.

“Let’s go!” Frank rasped, stepping toward the door, as the punk curled up and wheezed for air.

Blink popped in front of him. “Not that way. There might be more downstairs. We can take the easy way down, but I need to hold you. Okay?”

“Do what you gotta,” said Frank. “If I have to stand on my head and sing I Kissed a Girl to get outta here, I’ll do it.”

Blink snickered. “Okay. Good work in there, by the way.” He wrapped his arms around Frank’s middle, lifted him with a grunt, and then they were outside before Frank could say “Thanks.”

A yellow four-door pickup truck stopped at the curb, and Blink led Frank to it.

“Who’s truck is this?” Frank asked.

“Captain Heroic’s. I got shotgun.”

“…so me and Blink had to fight our way through the whole gang to get outside,” Frank was telling the crowd gathered around him. “He said I did great! Then Captain Heroic picked us up—in the Heromobile!—and took me home. It was totally awesome. I’m probably gonna end up bein’ Blink’s sidekick or something.”

“And he’ll be called Blank,” Stevie whispered to Lashaun and Chris, who snickered.

“You gotta give him points for creativity,” Lashaun said, once they were safely out of earshot. “He could make geometry sound exciting.”

“We were surrounded by obtuse angles,” Stevie intoned, “me and my acute angle against the horde! But when we lined up back to back, we became… booooom! Right Angle!”

“And the temperature rose to… ninety degrees!” Chris chortled.

Stevie thought, nodding or laughing in the right places, letting the banter wash over him on the way to geometry class. He could be just Stevie until summer, now. Captain Heroic said the heroes would make sure Dad kept up his end of things, so Stevie wouldn’t have to choose between villainy and homelessness. They would also help Mom find a better job. In return, when school finished, he would go to “summer camp.” Of course, that really meant being Professor Zero’s lab rat, and taking lots of training from the other superheroes. And getting interviewed by Montana Rack…

That might be hard, but the hardest part would be keeping Mom from finding out.


Blink’s adventures now continue, with Blink: Superhero Summer Camp! And be sure to check out the other heroes and villains of Skyscraper City—here on TFM!


  1. I read the lot, it was really good fun :-)
    Love the "types" of supers

  2. The old log roll. Frank can think on his feet. Great to see them two work everything out. Fun story.

  3. Excellent ending Larry! You are going to write about his summer camp adventures, aren't you?

  4. I get the feeling that Blink might find it easier to be tempted by villainy than the heroes think...

  5. All's well that ends well. I still think that Blink could get up to some mischief with that super power though, just look what happened to Hollow Man. :-)

  6. Hooray Blink did it! It sounds like he has a plan for the future now :) Fun series

  7. Networking became the ultimate super power!

  8. Glad you liked it, Maria. The "types" came to me as I was writing it. Seems like all supers fall into one of those three, huh?

    Thanks, Catherine!

    David, seems like Frank still likes to exaggerate things, but they're good to go.

    Thanks, Sonia. I think I will. It'll probably end up novella-sized, though. Something has to happen besides training, right?

    Patricia, at least happy for now

    Icy, there's all sorts of ways to tempt a kid. The three Gs (Gadgets, Girls, Green) are a good start. He may find himself revisiting this decision later on, yes…

    Steve, I expect that even if he avoids outright villainy, he'll have his share of mischief through his teen years.

    Helen, he at least has a plan for the next few months. We'll see how things develop as Stevie grows… >8-}

    Katherine, do you mean how they communicate on Twitter? heehee

  9. Cool stuff. Superheroes can be tough to write without getting all cheesy and such, but you do it well. Hopefully we'll get to see more of Blink in the future. Like the character.

  10. Enjoyed it through and through, Larry! I'm super pleased there's more!

  11. Really good stuff, Larry. I'm off to read Superhero Summer Camp!


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