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Wednesday, October 01, 2014

The Boy and His House

The Boy closed on a house on September 15th. Over the weekend, we took a truckload (plus half a vanload) of stuff down to him. He and his bride had filled the back of her car on Thursday with a bunch of small things—plus Mason. They have a room set up for him, and I really wish I thought to get more pictures than I did.

But I got a picture of the front of their place:

Ready for Hallowe’en, I see…

Here at FAR Manor, I don’t have to put up spider webs. The spiders do it for me:

At least this one isn’t in the walkway

The Boy’s house is sitting on a little over 2 acres; he was showing us all the things he has planned (including a garden along one side). Amazing… he’s embraced this home-ownership thing big-time. The only downside is that it’s pretty close to his in-laws. Experience has taught me that such a location is hazardous to your mental health. But her dad paid cash for the place. The wife and I looked at each other at that news… I said, “I guess he married well.” If I got FAR Manor for free, I wouldn’t complain about it very much at all.

So October is here, and I’ve been taking the work laptop outside in the mornings when it hasn’t been raining. The mosquitos are a little plentiful, perhaps the result of a few buckets left out in the rain. I’ve dumped them out, though, so now maybe the spiders will do for the mosquitos.


  1. His house looks great, I hope it works out with the inlays - if his father in law bought it, I hope he passed the deeds over to the boy and his wife. Good luck to them both I hope it all works out splendidly for them. ^_^

  2. damn auto correct inlays should read inlaws

  3. Hah, I figured that's what happened. Autocorrect is either a saint or a demon, depending on who and when. ;-)

  4. Yep, listen hear auto correct I've had enough of your shirt! ^_^

  5. We can all hope for in laws like that!

  6. I remember very well the days when Lobster lived with your family and my heart stopped reading this. I am so thankful that he moved out of state and away from your family. His story is heartbreaking.

  7. Larry that's a HUGE change in your life! (and I'm also curious about the deed question....)


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