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Monday, November 10, 2014

Piling On

The last few days have been the good part of November—sunny, cool, perfect for getting outside and doing stuff.

Sunday afternoon, I hunted for the rake… and I could have sworn it was in the garage just last week. Oh well, I was able to lay hands on the leaf blower and a really long extension cord, and got to work on one section of the back yard. It wasn’t long before I had a big pile of leaves, and let Mason have at it:

Very soon, he insisted that I jump in and join him.

Deep in the heart of autumn

Oh… why not. It’s been quite a few years since I’d buried myself in a leaf pile. Laying in the leaves, I took a shot of the deep blue sky:

We won’t see skies this nice for a while

So we played in the leaves until it started getting dark. He complained mightily about having to go in, of course, but maybe we’ll have another shot later. That arctic blast is on the way, and things will get cold in a hurry after tomorrow.


  1. OMG, Mason looks so adorable! He must take after you. ;)

    Love the pics.

  2. That looks fun! I haven't jumped in leaves in a long time.

  3. Maria, I think so. :-D But that one pic is definitely suitable for framing.

    Patricia, I guess at this point, you'll have to settle for snow angels. :-P

    Ain't he, Helen?


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