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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Spring #3 Cleaning Up

Spring #3 has been pretty wet so far. All the rain melted the snow in a hurry, and it’s supposed to be sunny and 70°F Sunday and Monday. If we’re going to get a Winter #4, it had better hurry up because the calendar’s running out.

As you may recall, Winter #3 left us with a rather large mess on our hands. I was glad to put the generator away, though I do need to dump some Sta-Bil in the tank and run it long enough to get into the carb. But the first order of business last weekend was to deal with the downed trees above the mailbox:

Snap, crackle, pop

I had planned to get outside with a chainsaw as soon as I could on Saturday. I was stuck inside with Mason, but The Boy pretty much took over.

Let the cleanup begin…

The process was fairly simple, but rather physical: trim branches off the fallen ends, toss them on the truck, then cut lengths for the fire pit and load them separately. Finally, cut down the trunks and cut them up. He finished the job up Sunday morning while I was at church.

Lookin’ good!

The only downside is, now you can see the manor from the road. I guess I’ll have to plant some holly or boxwoods along that edge. The big upside is, the persimmon tree (to the left behind the holly bush) is no longer shaded by the pines. Maybe Mason will have some more fruit to munch on this fall.


  1. The bit about the house being visible from the road made me smile; the neighbourhood (if you can call it that when everyone has at least an acre and there are many small farms scattered in) I grew up in, people had a thing about their houses being seen too. Glad the cleanup went smoothly with no chainsaw horror stories. The neighbourhood I grew up in had its share of those too.

  2. Thanks, Helen! (and The Boy, who did most of the work)

    Katherine, I'd have figured Canadians would be better chainsaw-weilders than the yahoos around here. 'Course, one guy did have a tree fall on him a few weeks ago, and it was four days before anyone found the body. :-(


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