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Saturday, May 16, 2015

Ten Years Later…

Still bloggin’ after all these years…

A lot of stuff has happened in ten years, since I began with a post about replacing rotted siding on the gables, racing to beat an incoming thunderstorm. Finding a niche for my writing and ending up with a grandkid were maybe the two biggest changes.

Still, lots of things haven't changed. The in-laws are as much of a PITA as ever, Daughter Dearest is still close at hand (although there are signs on the horizon), and I’m still working at the same place.

TFM has turned into mainly a writing blog in the last few years; I posted serials, short stories, and a lot of #FridayFlash. I plan to change that in the coming year. I got out of the habit of writing flash fiction every week—and with the demise of FridayFlash.org and its move to Facebook (a place I avoid like the in-laws avoid reality), I probably won’t be writing much more flash anyway. On the other hand, I have a couple serials in the works, and I’ll likely be posting them… at writeon.amazon.com. I’ll let y’all know when they’re going up. I’ll continue to do my somewhat-weekly Writing Wibbles on Wednesdays, and maybe an occasional flash. But I’m going to try to redirect TFM to once again being mostly a blog about the people in and around FAR Manor. I’ve made similar pronouncements on earlier blogiversary days in the past, and they didn’t pan out, but that won’t stop me from trying again.

So, here’s to all of you whose comments have kept me blogging! I leave you with the traditional video… I think you’ll guess why I picked this one when you hear the lyrics. I would have rather included this lyrics video, but it isn’t embeddable. Oh well.

And now we start the next ten!


  1. Happy 10 years on the blog! Is this like weddings where you get something fancy for each year?

  2. I've certainly seen a drop off in visitor numbers over the last year or so, and certainly less now that Friday Flash has tailed off. Will I continue to write it? Yes, for now...

  3. Congratulations on ten years, Larry! I'm so glad that blogging introduced me to you.

  4. Patricia, it's more like New Year's, because there's a resolution involved.

    Icy, I had decent page view numbers (relatively speaking) for my serial. But somewhere along the line, comments and reads dropped off on my #FridayFlash pieces. I know I had a dry spell and the numbers never really recovered after that. I think I'll focus on longer pieces here on out.

    Thanks, John, and likewise! I met a ton of great people through #FridayFlash, and you're up at the top of that list.


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