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Monday, September 07, 2015

Sliding Into Six

It's our timeshare week, and Mason's birthday was yesterday.


Today is the last day the waterslide is open, so we made the most of it this weekend. DD, Fizzle, and his kids all joined us Friday night, but left Saturday so Fizzle could get to his mall cop job. We went back to the manor for Mason’s party. To my shock, Snippet called for the first time in a long time. She texted me pics of her other two kids; I sent her a couple recent shots of Mason.

Of course, even though we’re on vacation, Mason keeps waking up at 7am and insisting on asking me questions instead of playing quietly until I’m ready to shamble out to the kitchen and start some coffee. We spent all morning at the waterslide, pool, and lake (where there’s a slide going into the water, as I demonstrated last year). He was seriously worn out, but a warm bath and lunch got him roaring back to life. He was hungry, he ate: a piece of bread (aka mayo sandwich), a slice of pizza, a piece of ham, and a cheese stick. He left one corner of the bread uneaten. Now, he’s badgering me to take him to the clubhouse.

And they call this vacation? :-P


  1. It's a vacation for him, I'm sure. ;)

  2. He'll keep you on your toes. Who's snippet?

  3. Vacations seem to be for the kids! I'm sure I was just as terrible at his age. Looks like he's having fun, though.

  4. Patricia, it's a vacation for me, too. I just need that afternoon coffee to get through the rest of the day (since he won't let me take a nap).

    Helen, Snippet is Mason's bio-mom. She went with The Boy to Wisconsin, then slept around on him and he left her there with her new boyfriend. She's had two more kids with this other guy since then. It's been over a year since she tried to have any contact with Mason. I'm sort of glad she did finally do it... it just gets harder the longer you put it off.

    John, I was probably the same way. We're all having fun, I just need a little more rest/quiet time than what he's giving me. ;-)

  5. Happy belated birthday to Mason!


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