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Monday, May 10, 2021

A second (frosty) bullet, dodged

Gardening in Georgia is always a crapshoot. One can usually deploy plants that don’t handle frost well once mid-April rolls around… but not always.

As I mentioned earlier, I bought new tomato plants after a late frost whacked the first set. But winter wasn’t done dicking around with us—another frost was on the way. I’d put the first set of plants in the ground, and they had started to revive. Since the bottom set of shoots (that had been covered in mulch) still looked healthy after the frostbite, I decided to cover the in-ground plants in mulch and put plastic over them.

The containers, I hoisted onto a pickup truck and put them in the garage for the night. Why take chances if some of your garden is semi-mobile?

This worked pretty well, in the end. The mulch-covered plants endured the freeze without (further) damage, and started growing better soon after. The container plants had no problem spending a night in the garage, either.

All the plants, even the in-ground ones, are sporting blooms now. A couple of the container plants have small greenies on them. I’m looking forward to the first harvest!


  1. We've had a very strange Spring in terms of weather, very tricky for gardeners!

  2. So it’s not just us? At least here, after the really late (for us) frost, things warmed up out of the danger zone. It has still been cooler than usual, and that’s delaying the first batch of tomatoes ripening up. I noticed one that’s going to be ready to pick tomorrow or Friday, though, and that’s a good sign! I’m already getting jalapeƱos from the two plants I put in the ground, and they’re just getting “warmed up.” My son in law likes hot stuff, so I told Daughter Dearest to let him know I’ll have extra if he needs them.


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