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Thursday, February 02, 2006

The Lobster Crash

So yesterday morning, Lobster dragged himself out of bed and headed on to school. I’ve always been a little leery of the turn into that school (the private one where the kids went last year); it’s just below the crest of a hill on a fairly busy highway. So Lobster is waiting to turn left into the school/church lot, with the sun in his face. He went for it... and some goober in a big pickup pulling a boat, came wailing over the hill and clipped Lobster in the rear, totally destroying Lobster’s truck bed.

Nobody hurt, fortunately... just a couple grand worth of repairs that nobody can pay for. Of course, Lobster got the ticket because he was doing the left turn, but he’s going to ask for an investigation because the guy was traveling at a pretty good clip in what should be a school zone.

One more expense for the kid. I’m not much inclined to cut him a break; his attitude of late is that he is entitled to do what he pleases, regardless of how we feel about it, and to live here basically for free. I kind of think his living here is compounding the problems he’s having with his own parental units — both sides may feel like they don’t really have to work out their differences because he can just come here instead.

I’m not sure whether it will take a crowbar, or those new mini-nukes they want to drop on Iran, to get the extra peeps out of FAR Manor. Maybe I should grab an axe like in The Shining, yell “Honey, I'm home!” and chase ’em outta here.

1 comment:

  1. Glad everyone was okay.

    Sounds to me that he was at fault, and unless he can prove without a doubt the guy pulling the trailer was speeding, he's wasting his time with a investigation. Even if the guy was speeding, it doesn't matter, because the "boat pulling guy" had the right of way.

    So his parents don't seem to care all that much, and it's pretty selfish of them to have you take care of him.

    Doesn't anyone take any responciblity around there other than you? You guys have enough things going on around there, then add everyone elses problems, and I can see why your blood pressure was high.

    It's nice of you guys to open your home, but I think it's time you put the big boot on your right foot and start "booten" some butt.


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