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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

The No Juice Blues

Current music: Lift It - World-Wide Message Tribe

Sing it with me…

Well, my laptop battery’s dead,
It’s power supply’s gone flaky,
Another hour before I go to bed,
And my hands are getting shaky —

My laptop, …
It’s got the No Juice Blues.

I’ve known the battery has been going bad for some time now. The power supply issue kind of snuck up on me in the last day or so.

Fortunately, I have a couple of fallbacks: I can use Daughter Dearest’s power supply, as long as I don’t keep it. My other fallback is the old beige G3 in M.A.E.’s room. It's about eight years old now, and still gets nearly daily use. Then people wonder why I insist on buying Macs.


  1. I've had my lap top since Dec. and I think I've used it on battery about 3 times. The only reason I used it on battery then was because the mfg recommended to charge it and run it down 2 or 3 time.

    If I ever get my wireless hub, I'll be happy to be able to roam around the house and out to the patio with it.

  2. So FM, do you take the battery out of the computer then?

  3. Nope don't take the battery out of the computer, I just plug the computer into the socket and leave the battery in. Am I supposed to?

  4. Yes, FM, you should leave the battery in the laptop — at the very least, if your power flakes out on you, the laptop should switch over to battery power & otherwise ignore the issue.

    Apple recommends a monthly discharge/charge cycle for their batteries... and they use the same Li-Ion juice as everyone else does, so that's probably good advice for anyone. In my case, I was running it down a couple times a week because I would just plop down wherever I felt like it & not bother to bring the power supply with me. A few years of that will wear out anyone's battery.

  5. Thanks FARfetched. Since this is my first lap top I wasn't sure. I have noticed when the power went out the battery kicked in. That was really a relief.

    But watch out when I get the wireless hub. I'll start seeing how long the battery lasts.

  6. Thanks! I wasn't sure what the recommendation was ... I mean will he the battery be 'damaged' by always having the power cord plugged in.

  7. Finishing my comment here ... will the battery be damaged by always having the power cord plugged in and not discharging the battery ... :)

  8. Hi Olivia. I honestly don't know, it doesn't say. I think FARfetched is right on spot with the monthly discharge. Thank God they're not ni-cad batteries.


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