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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Whither Lobster?

The last time we saw Lobster in this chronicle, back in May, he had: no wheels (lost his truck to Big V); not much education; no permanent abode; and knocked up his girlfriend. I originally put “worst of all” in the latter item, but that seemed to give him the Attitude Adjustment that he sorely and truly needed.

Having a kid on the way seemed to give Lobster a focus. At first, he was quite happy contemplating supporting a family on welfare and his meager KFC earnings. But as he began to reflect on his situation (a miracle! in itself), he made peace with his parents (another miracle) and then moved back in with them (you could have knocked me over with a feather at this point).

The miracles just kept a-comin’ — he started working toward getting his GED (his reading level is atrocious though), got a job at the new Wal-Mart while continuing at the KFC, and (best of all) his pregnant girlfriend dumped him for another guy. So in less than three months, he has completely turned his life around… and life has given him a clean slate. I have no idea whether he’s managed to get a set of replacement wheels, but he lives less than five miles from both KFC and Wal-Mart now — he could ride a bicycle and save a potload on gas, insurance, and maintenance. Some habits, however, are a little more ingrained than others. I suspect he either gets rides from his parents or has bought a beater.

First M.A.E., now Lobster. I can only hope The Boy soon gets a similar attitude adjustment (minus the knocked-up girlfriend, of course).


  1. That's great, hope he keeps it up, I'm guessing he will still be on the hook for child support.

    Another thing kinda puzzles me, why would anyone want to date a girl that's pregnant with another guys child? I guess maybe some guys have a huge heart, or are just plain whipped.

  2. Hopefully he'll stay on the straight and narrow. Although I do agree with solar about the child support. If he does have to start paying it, I hope it doesn't push him off his path.

  3. i noticed you mention a friend needing some ged help? theres a website i learned from and it worked for me. hope im not wasting your time, but this is the website...suggest it if you think its appropriate! passGED.com

  4. Solar, I've heard that some guys actually like that situation! Not sure if it's the idea of eating another guy's lunch, or knowing that the bun in the oven isn't his, or whatever. Anyway, I'd heard that she pretty well dumped him thoroughly; it would be typical for her to demand child support but I got the idea that it wasn't in the cards. (Oh, and shoot me an email. I have my vacation time scheduled & you're on for the second week.)

    FM, if there's hope for Lobster there has to be hope for The Boy. So I'm hoping with everything I got.

  5. Perhaps it's just the view from my seat on the other side of the gender aisle, but why wouldn't Lobster automatically step up with a contribution toward child support? I presume his ex-gf didn't immaculately conceive? I guess I'm just a little surprised by the negativity toward the (seemingly obvious) idea that the child deserves the financial support of his biological father. Seems like the moral thing to do.

  6. Good point, Fury. We are talking about miracles here, why not one more? Personally, I think he should go one better and offer to raise the kid himself.


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