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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

TB02: For a day or two, at least

TB02: The Boy comes home (again)

The Boy called the house yesterday, getting Mrs. Fetched. “Can I bring some stuff home?”

“Like what?”

“My guitar, amp, clothes…”

“What are you really asking?”

“Can I come home and get my life straightened out?”

While we’re both all for that, long experience has taught us that The Boy is better at making the right noises than following through. We both quickly agreed on a list of conditions: keep normal hours, stop smoking, pocket that stupid lip ring while at the house, find some new friends, and plan to be around the house most of the time. In return, we would help him save his money and get him ready for tech school.

It turned out that his belongings — including a puppy, of all things — were split among two places, so we had plenty of time to let him know what we expected while we gathered it all up. I finally asked him the $20,000 question: “Are you ready to agree to all this?”

“To a point,” he said.

“There is no point,” said Mrs. Fetched. “There’s either do it or not live with us.”

He was already planning on not being around most of the time, and that after we told him we expected him to not do that, so I don’t expect he’ll be at FAR Manor tomorrow night. Or maybe even tonight: he agreed to help Mrs. Fetched with the chickens but didn’t get up this morning.

At least Mrs. Fetched and I are agreeing on something. Bailing out of FAR Manor and downsizing would prevent a lot of this; there wouldn’t be room for him….


  1. Solar: Wow, maybe you could use the Boy for methanie production with all the BS he throws around. I really think it's great that you two care so much about thim to help him. But I'm noticing a pattern, when he's out of money and can't pay the rent, he wants to "straighten" himself out. Then as soon as he gets a warm place to live his old habits come back full swing. I sure hope this is a real attempt by him to get help, but I have a hard time believing it.

  2. Me too. I'd have some hope if he would even take out that stupid lip ring like we asked him to, but he can't even be bothered to do that.

    I suspect that tomorrow will be his last day here, if not tonight. Mrs. Fetched has offered to drop him off "in front of the jail, because that's where you're going to end up again."

  3. Hi FARfetched.

    Hate to hear The Boy is back at the same thing. Not trying to bring you down, but I have a relative just like The Boy and he's never grown out of it. I don't know where he gets his money from but it's not from FMom or the rest of the family. He did drive a truck for a long time though.

    I hope things work out, but I kind of agree with Solar.

  4. Hey FM. We haven't given up on him yet… he might grow up after all. But we're not letting him have it all his way either.


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