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Thursday, January 08, 2009

Cloudy days

Spring #2 is winding down, with Winter #3 set to arrive Sunday or Monday. It has been rainy except when it was relatively cold. Yeah, the sun comes out and it gets cold. Even the weather is psychotic on Planet Georgia.

Cloud bank

This was hanging over my head yesterday morning on the way to work. A little blue sky poked through here and there, but mostly it was dark and threatening. I thought I’d get to that lighter edge, or even past it, but it was either moving in the same direction (things were moving quickly yesterday) or was farther away than it appeared.


  1. Hey Far, do you think that dark cloud that's hanging over our economy and the blue sky visualized at the end of the horizon would be like a recovery? Perhaps, it cannot be reached and will be just like trying to chase the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow?

    Isn't this a lot like the carrot put forth the mule?

    Yup, it's a moving target, think we can reach it? If we can catch it, how long do you think we'll see sunlight before we're over come with clouds once again?

    I hate to sound like "Chicken Little" but I'm not going out without my umbrella for at least today anyway.

  2. Hi FAR, hi yooper.

    FAR -- you get the best cloud shots in the moment. Was this your camphone (iphone)?

  3. Hi Far. We're awaiting what is our 8th or so snowstorm of the season, only hours away.

    Your dark cloud is hopefully gone by the time of this writing.

  4. Yooper, who knows? The sun always comes out, sooner or later, though.

    Olivia, thanks much! Yup, that was my iPhone, taken through the windshield (much cleaner than usual due to the rain).

    Boran, the cloud's gone, but now it's going to get colder. Still some rain coming in tomorrow afternoon, more than likely.

  5. FAR,
    At least you had visible clouds, not a constant barrage of snow coming down like we've had of late. 7" on Friday and another 4" today and now below zero and blowing all over. I'd be happy to send our stuff your way if you really want it, hehe.


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