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Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I wander into Burger King for a veggie burger, and see that they have a new sandwich they call the “Angry Whopper.” It's your basic Whopper with jalapeƱos, hot onions, and an “Angry Sauce.” Of course, you can get it with a combo.

So you can go to McDonald’s and get a Happy Meal, or go to Burger King and get an Angry Meal.

DoubleRed suggested you could get a Horny Meal at Wendy’s, forgetting that The Boy and Snippet work there…


  1. Hey FAR,
    HAR! I never liked Burger King anyway ... they always seemed like Rethug burgers to me, and now we have confirmation, thanks to you!

    I'll take the Happy Meal any day, but I haven't had one of those since about 1995 when I bought one for Pepa just to get the dog toy from 'Babe.' Hehe.

    We rarely do the burger places, and I can't remember the last one I had from McD's ... but I have had some fish filets and fries. And I had 2 Chalupas from Taco John's last week ... we were too lazy to drive to the good mom and pop place where we usually go.

    Royalty is sooo overrated these days. Diss the king and off with his head, hehe.

  2. Gee,what will they think of next?!! Think they're trying to target the anrgy set of teenagers that seem so prevalent today?

    Heh!heh! Think I'll stick with my Happy meal with Ronnie McDonny, at least he always has a smile on his face!

    Maybe DoubleRed wasn't forgetting The Boy and Snippet, when suggesting the Horny Meal at Wendy's? Move over Wendy! Make room for me and Ronnie! ha!

  3. Well I keep well away from either I have to admit...

  4. Angry burgers are no doubt intended for angry old white men. You know, all those disappointed by the last election.

  5. Yeah IVG, I only go to the BK and Subway because they have veggie burger/pattie sandwiches. Way too much sodium, but the cholesterol is better.

    Yooper, DoubleRed said she forgot they worked at Wendy's… you just never know though.

    Crafty, if I lived where you did, I probably could avoid them more than I do.

    Boran, that's the only whopper they ever manage to get, too… >8-}

  6. Okay Farf, THAT'S funny! I avoid chains unless I'm on the road, then it's a bean burrito at Taco Hell. Or a coffee at Dunky's, when I'm on the east coast.

    Too bad, though, that Angry Meal sounds pretty tempting.....

  7. Hey Far! I don't know if I'm going to get more angry, but I suspect more nasty, on my site, you watch me, eh?

    Thanks, yooper

  8. Beth, the BK veggie isn't too bad. In keeping with my resolution to eat more beef this year, I've also tried the steakhouse burger & it works too. Surely I will break down and get an Angry Meal sooner or later.

    BTW, I have what I call the "broke & hungry combo" for Toxic Smell: bean burrito, nachos supreme, and a small drink. It's something like $3 and change.

    Yooper, what's up? Cabin fever?


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