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Friday, March 27, 2009

Weekend Cinema

If you haven't voted in the poll, it's open through Tuesday!

Got no money and only a little time? Weekend Cinema thinks about you!

You may not have much time on your hands, but these guys? They have plenty. Perhaps far too much, in fact. But the results are… quite interesting. So put on your wool sweater and marvel at the Baaa-Studs as they bring you Extreme Shepherding!


  1. I did my civic duty and voted.

  2. Hey Farf,

    I tried to watch the extreme sheepherding but YouTube is doing something weird. The youtube "screen" flashes the picture back and forth between small picture and big picture. It's driving me nuts. Any insight into how to fix this? I use Firefox.

  3. Hey Wooly, I don't know what to suggest except maybe to clear your cache. Could be something going on at YouTube too; I just played it (in Firefox & Safari) and got a couple of glitches (dropped frames and so on).

  4. Hey FAR,
    I voted last week, heh. Did you vote yet in my lame-o poll? You've got one more day, heh.

    I saw part of this on "Oddball" on KO last week, but the extended version is definitely more impressive! Thanks for passing it along....

  5. Hey IVG! Yep, I was one of the "bought but haven't planted yet" votes. I didn't realized KO had featured part of it… I think Dkos also had a link yesterday. I'd love to show it to the sheep ranchers up the road!


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