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Saturday, March 07, 2009

What a difference a few days makes

This is what things looked like Monday morning:

Just for grins, I tried the PhotoStitch software that came with my camera and it did a fairly good job of relieving me of the grunt work. I had to pull it into Photoslobber to scale the thing down, though (it was like 7000 pixels wide!).

We somehow ended up in a sort of warm slot during the Sunday snow — it stuck north, south, and east of us, but here it was melt-on-contact. Atlanta got a fair amount of snow, but here the kids were disappointed to see the ground clear and the school bus rolling in right on schedule.

Today, it’s sunny and 70, so I grabbed the camera and took a walk I’ll be posting shots in random order, on and off this week, as I think about it. Here’s two to get started. As always, click for a larger picture or hover for a little extra commentary.

DaffodilsDaffodils out front of the manor. There are several stands scattered around the place. I like ’em because they don’t need much attention and just do their thing as early as they can get away with.

As you will see later on, yellow seems to be the predominant color for early bloomers around here.

SproutsThe lettuce and spinach are sprouting! I have them sitting out on top of the cold frame; they won’t get overcooked that way and they’ll likely get some rain through the week. The onions are taking a little longer, but I dug up the big one out back — turned out to be eight onions growing together — and separated them into a bed out front. They happily established themselves through the winter.

I’m also planning on sowing some seeds, maybe this weekend, out back. I’ve been assured that the deer would chow down on anything I plant in the garden area out back… maybe I need some fence. I guess I'll stake out a couple of rows in the back where the kitchen water drains and go from there — not a lot of afternoon sun, but for cool-weather crops that might be a good thing.

Don’t forget to spring forward tomorrow… and a new FAR Future sub-series kicks off here Monday.


  1. Gee, I'm just geen with envy Far, in more than one way! ha! Lots of snowmachines on the trail today, going by the house. One of 'em almost plowed into the turkeys!

  2. Yeah, Yooper, I can imagine. Now… can you imagine how often a snowmachine would get used around here? ;-)

  3. Hey FAR,
    So which spring is this now, I've lost track! Your daffs are gorgeous and ours are still hiding out underground with the crocus and other bulbs, but we do have a couple of small patches of Snowdrops blooming now! They're the first to come, so hopefully soon the rest will follow...

    Yeah, I wouldn't tempt the deer if I were you ... they're voracious suckers, and though they're repelled by Daffs, I doubt if you have anything veggie wise planted by those!

  4. IVG, this is Spring #5. Nominally the "real" one, but we can (and often do) get one last Arctic system coming through and dumping a large amount of snow on us.

    Now I was thinking of ringing the garden area with daffs & marigolds anyway… I like the idea of a deer fence that you can just step over.

    So when will we see pix of the snowdrops?

  5. Yep, it was spring here too. It was 68 yesterday, although the rain came in this afternoon. A week ago we were looking at substantial snowfall.

    I started some seeds indoors today in those degradable pots. Good luck with yours Far.

  6. Heh! Far, as often as they give them away on the "Price is Right", I thought almost everybody had em', whether they could use then or not... heh!

  7. And good luck with yours, Boran! Maybe a sprout box could be the subject of your next painting. ;-)

    Yooper, that's pretty funny! The manufacturers do carry the flag down this way, but only with jet-skis.

  8. Far, I'm jealous, man. We got a blizzard on the way. If you do get one more Arctic front moving in, please think kindly of me.

  9. Hey Gord, welcome to the free-range insane asylum! Looks like we're frost-free for the next couple of weeks, at least. But the only blizzard I've ever seen on Planet Georgia (the 1993 "superstorm") arrived here around March 24, so we're not completely out of the possible winter zone just yet.


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