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Friday, July 17, 2009

Flowery Friday (Roadside Edition)

The road out front of the manor is lined with all sorts of stuff this time of year. Some of it blooms, some doesn’t, and the economy sucks enough to keep the county from mowing everything down…

Queen Anne’s Lace:

Queen Annes Lace

They caught my eye because they look like giant snowflakes. Seeing as it’s mid-July on Planet Georgia, I found the notion highly entertaining. I described them to my dad over the phone, and he nailed the ID for me (thanks Dad!). It’s actually a wild carrot, a European invasive, and the ancestor of our domestic carrots. According to Gardening When It Counts, we’ve only been breeding carrots for a few centuries so they’ll readily cross-pollinate with their wild ancestors. I’ll dig up a couple tomorrow for pictorial purposes.


Clover blossom

The clover is actually a couple weeks past its prime, like the blackberries. But there are still the occasional displays to add color to the roadside.

Most of the rest of these are just flower-weeds to me… if anyone wants to ID them, feel free!

This sort of resembles a butterfly bush, but no butterfly bush stays below 2 feet high and is flame red like this:

Red flower-weed

I’ve never seen this before; I figure the drought is keeping the grass low enough to let it show off.

I happened to catch a glimpse of this WTFlower, tucked behind a bush, about four feet off the ground and about three inches across. I had my iPhone with me at the time; by the time I got back with the Big Gun (aka Canon), it had closed up:

WTFlower, open   WTFlower, closed

It’s funky enough that I wouldn’t mind having a few around the manor.

We actually got a little rain today, so I didn’t have to worry about watering anything. The kudzu was already washed and waxed:

Rain beads on kudzu

Another invasive that thinks Planet Georgia is just, um, peachy.

Shortly afterwards, I started getting rained on myself, so I tucked the Big Gun in my shirt and stepped it up back toward the manor. Am I complaining about getting wet? No way! (Well, I would have been happier without having to worry about the camera, but whatever.) An interesting way to start a two-week vacation…


  1. Enjoy your vaca, Farf! Hope it isn't filled with chicken house chores....lots of slackering and good food and long naps and long walks!

    Sounds pretty good - can I come??

  2. Hi Beth! Sure, you can come, I'll fit you in my suitcase somehow. ;-) Plenty of slackering & long walks, maybe even a bicycle ride or three, not sure about the naps though.

    I have a few chores lined up, that I'm about to stop putting off.

  3. I believe the WTF flower is a passion flower (if it's growing on a vine-type plant). As far as I know, if it fruits you will have a passion fruit (edible & delicious).
    Hope your knee is better,
    Susan in CO

  4. Susan, I think you nailed it! Thanks much, and I'll have to go see if I can find some of those to put around the manor next year.


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