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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Kneecapped Again, Update

Tonya HardingOK, so… yesterday, the bum knee started to get a little better, but I went to the doc’s to have it checked out anyway. She sent me to X-ray, where the shots turned out a bit dark because I couldn’t get the leg straightened all the way out, and found what looked like a bone chip. “I don’t think it’s in where it’s causing any trouble,” she said, but referred me to the orthopedist who fixed Mrs. Fetched’s knee (after a chicken house incident) and DD’s ankle (after a dodgeball incident) just to see what they thought and how best to deal with it. She also told me to start putting some weight on it to keep it from getting too stiff. Hooray… now Reality is one crutch instead of two! I mostly carry the crutch and use it when the knee starts to gripe a bit.

I slept fairly well last night, and woke up able to completely straighten my right leg, so it’s definitely getting better — the swelling going down agrees. It will bend through about half its normal range now. I tried driving down to the in-laws’ for lunch, and that wasn’t so wonderful (especially when I had to use the brakes). Maybe by tomorrow…

With lunch out of the way, Mrs. Fetched drove me up to the orthopedist’s. There was some confusion where we were supposed to take the X-rays with us; fortunately, the doctor’s office is a minute away and Mrs. Fetched had them long before I got called in. I was set up to see the P.A. first, perhaps so a “just keep on keepin’ on” case could be taken care of without involving an expensive specialist… fine with me. He took one look at the X-rays and said, “Whoop, looks like a bone chip in there.” I told him what my doc said, and he replied, “I might have to disagree. Let me get [the orthopedist]. So in he came, and said, "Yup, you’ve got an extra part rattling around in there. That needs to come out.” To hear him describe it, the arthroscopic surgery is going to be about as routine as a brake job; I’ll be in & (walking) out of the office in a day, the day being August 5. I’d love to get photos, but I get a bit squeamish at seeing myself get poked even if I’m numbed up first. Maybe I can persuade Mrs. Fetched to take pix or get video.


  1. I hope that it will be quick and painless, Far.

  2. They took video of my ex's when he has his done, and it's not nearly as squeam-inducing as you would think. You don't realize what you're looking at, unless you really think about it. Good luck with all of that - hopefully NOW it will get fixed for good, and you won't have to go thru this again!

  3. What Beth said ... hopefully this'll do the trick.

  4. Far, I'm so sorry about your knee. That's lousy!!

    I did appreciate the Tanya Harding picture. You crack me up.

  5. Hey all!

    Maria, "ow" is right. Fortunately, it's a small ow, most of the time.

    Boran, Mrs. Fetched told her it took about three days after her knee-poking to get back to everything. Fortunately, I can work at home for the recovery time and I tend to bounce back from things like that a little quicker than her. Usually.

    Beth, I'll see if I can get Mrs. Fetched to do the honors… maybe if I watch it after the fact, where I can detach a little…

    Olivia — I sure hope so!

    Kimber, I'm glad you liked it. Of course I'd have to include the Queen of Kneecaps in the conversation, right?

  6. Feeling your pain. I have weird knees that do painful stuff for no apparent reason so I know where you are at.

    Here's hoping they get that little bugger out of your knee and you are back up soon.

  7. Hi Wooly! I wouldn't wish this on anyone… sitting around doing nothing for a couple days is OK, but it gets old afterward. Hope you can figure out what's going on with yours.


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