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Friday, March 05, 2010

As the Sun Slowly Sets on Vacation…

SunsetAnd so it winds down… a week just isn’t enough time to do everything you’d like to do, but in the end it’s enough. It’s enough. I was talking to Mrs. Fetched last night and realized that I was ready to go home.

At the same time, I really needed this break, and so did Daughter Dearest. It wasn’t warm enough to lie on the beach, but she isn’t the lie on the beach type anyway. It was warm enough to get out though, not always the case on Planet Georgia last week. It’s going to be warmer both here and there next week, so I expect I’ll be outside a lot at least until I have to go back to work on Thursday.

We did get a trophy — a walker for Mason — and I got plenty of pictures. DD got some clothes for various things, and a lot of rest. I’m a little bummed about not getting a chance to meet up with Beth; I was looking forward to talking about writing and boring DD to death. ;-) But there will be other chances.

Mrs. Fetched sounded pretty tired… I’m sure Snippet hasn’t been holding up her end of things with Mason, and The Boy never has, so it’s all down to her. I figure on Sunday, it will be Mrs. Fetched Rests Day and I’ll let Mason cruise the manor in his new walker.


  1. FAR, sounds like you had a great vacay, love the picture. You're coming home at a good time, supposed to be nice this week. See ya on the FAR side.

  2. I couldn't help but borrow that lovely sunset photo to use as my new wallpaper Farf! It's so peaceful and the colors so very relaxing. Thank you!


  3. Hi all!

    Thanks, Rebel… been a nice day today, for sure. Got up a big pile of firewood, The Boy and I were splitting until dark. Nice to be outside.

    Bri2k, like I said, go right ahead & borrow! Glad you guys like the pic…


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