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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Fighting Sleep

Mason, that is. In fact, he was rockin' and rollin' until about 5 minutes ago. He’s finally drifting off on Mrs. Fetched’s shoulder. I’ll shortly be laying him in his crib… Mrs. Fetched caught him about to climb out of the bassinet this morning, so that’s been taken down. Kobold gave us his daughter’s old baby bed, so we’ll set that up probably tomorrow.

It’s too bad The Boy and Snippet feel like they need to visit Cousin Splat more than they need to take care of their own offspring.


  1. Hiya FAR,

    I would ask how have you been doing, but I can see you're on the night shift of baby sitting duties.

    My computer is doing about the same. I sat at it for about an hour or so going through it starting up, stopping and then re-starting again. Every now and then it would try and fool me by getting half way through a boot up and then shutting off. To say frustration is part of the booting up process would be an understatement. :)

    Anyway I hope you and the family have been doing fine and take care.


  2. I have to say that even though our "new roommates" are lazy around the house (never clean up after themselves; won't fix a meal, but are first in line with a plate when the food is done), they, at least, take care of their own daughter - mostly.

    Seriously. What is it with kids these days? Were we like that when we were in our twenties?

  3. Hey all!

    FM, the thing about a baby is that it boots itself. When it wants to, be at 4 a.m. or whatever. Yup, otherwise we've been doing pretty well.

    Wendy, we didn't live with one set of parents after we had The Boy, although hers were right down the road and they saw a lot of him through the day. These two more or less clean up after themselves, occasionally at least, and (also occasionally) take a turn in the kitchen. I'd rather they put more effort into their kid, though.

  4. Glad you finally got Mason to sleep. He's lucky to have such good grandparents.

  5. Thanks, Boran! He's rockin' and rollin' again as I type, just before 9, but he's playing with Mrs. Fetched & they're having a pretty good time.


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