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Saturday, April 10, 2010


Mason christeningLast Sunday was Easter, and that’s the day when the kids get christened. Mason was right up there to get his head wet and he didn’t mind the attention either. Left to right: our paster (he sounds like Ricardo Montalban), Mason, and Ashley (a girl who fills in where needed, most of the time).

The reason I didn’t have this up earlier: the drawback to DSLRs is that the RAW photos gobble up disk space pretty quick. I got a 1TB outboard drive Thursday evening and moved all the photos to it — MUCH better. A back of the envelope calculation suggests that the new drive should be good for like 50,000 photos. One of its nice features is a button on the front that can be assigned to launch any application, so I have it launch EOS Utility to pull the pictures off the camera.

Meanwhile, Mason is now crawling pretty well — he crawled right off the edge of the bed last night. Fortunately I was anticipating that and caught him, and it didn’t faze him a bit. He’s also beginning to babble-talk. He’s started this ah dyah dah dah dahhhh noise which means “pick me up!”

Wild violets in the yardSpring has definitely arrived on Planet Georgia: the pollen count is somewhere between Ridiculous and F%#@!ing Insane, and the wild violets are running riot in the yard. I mowed over the violets last weekend, and they just ducked under the blades. I’m going to try digging some up and potting them — seems that the only way to kill a weed is to make it a not-weed.

Cherry blossomsThe flowering cherry outside my window is doing much better than the dogwoods so far. The dogwoods are running a little late this year, they just now opened up and they’re still a little yellow. I’ll get some shots of them when they get a little more up and at ’em. Meanwhile, enjoy the pinkitude; you don’t see too much of it on this blog.

Sometime in the last week, I hosed up my foot. I think I stepped on a rock at the chicken houses and it retaliated. The only good thing about it is that I get to stay out of the chicken houses this week… I’d rather have a less painful reason for that though.


  1. Hiya FAR,

    Mason looks as cute as can be, and a great picture of Mason and granddad in your previous post.

    I got back from the hospital yesterday and the surgery went well. I've got staples going from my ankle to my belly. I'm think when they take them out to see if they'll give them to me. I figure with all that metal I could make some money selling it for scrap metal. :)

    We've got pollen everywhere here too. The pine pollen has been horrible this year. It seems everything is yellow and we won't have any rain for at least a week.

    Take care and see ya later.


  2. Hey FM! Good to hear the surgery went well, that just sounds like a LOT of cutting… yeesh! Hope you don't have to fly anywhere soon; sounds like you'll be setting off metal detectors before you even get to the airport…

    You think maybe your computer will behave to where you can get some pix of the pond up any time soon? Or of your leg, for that matter? (shudder)

  3. Hey FAR,

    If the computer keep running I'll get some picture of the pond. I was actually thinking of taking some pictures of my feet. My right foot and leg are about twice the size of the left one. Sort of make a comparison. I don't think I'll take any pictures of the staple and scar. It grosses me out and I have to look at it. ;)

  4. Here we've got oak pollen. At least i think it is oak. As the wind blows it gathers up into big balls and ropes rolling down the street.

  5. FM, post whatever pix you want, just as long as we keep hearing from you!

    Hey Wooly, I think I know what you're talking about with the oak pollen. We get some of that, but not like the quantities you're talking about!

    Hope to see both of you around some more…

  6. Those are some lovely photos, Farf! The pollen count here in the City of Three Rivers is off the scale too. Fortunately, I'm not allergic, but my sinuses are none too happy lately.

    I hope your foot heels, err heals up soon. You might want to gimp for a few days after it does anyway if it keeps you out of the chicken habitats.


  7. Heehee, thanks, Bri! The doc said it's gout, gave me some pillz, and I hope that clears it up. The chickens are going to become good chickens overnight, so there won't be much call for me to pretend. This time. ;-)


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