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Saturday, April 24, 2010


Wow, the week’s already gone by?

I'm running on battery power, writing through a thunderstorm. Funny how I was thinking earlier this week that we hadn’t had much nasty weather this month, when April weather on Planet Georgia often has a violent temper. Ta-daaaah! We’ve got a tornado watch now and maybe more to come tomorrow. Looking at the local radar loop on weather.gov, it looks like once this goes by we’ll be in a quiet spot… maybe the rest of the night.

Mason has unlocked a new ability: he pulled himself up to a standing position in his playpen today! Next thing you know, I’ll be posting video of him walking around. He was squalling for all he was worth a few minutes ago, being tired and mad about being tired. I fixed him a bottle and Mrs. Fetched is feeding him… the way he was acting, he’ll be sound asleep before I finish this.

I used to do an irregular podcast, but it’s such a chore to block out enough time to produce one — pretty much half a day to edit up a 20- to 30-minute episode. A new site, AudioBoo, looks like it could do for podcasting what Twitter did for blogging. You can post up to five minutes of jibber-jabber, using a file upload or directly through an AudioBoo app for iPhone (or Android). My first boo, Banned from the Band, is about a minute long and explains what I did this afternoon and why. At least I won’t have to flag a TB25 for a while. But I think I’ll use this to knock off a few “Shiny Things” segments. I can probably do a five-minute segment in less than half an hour, which means I’ll be doing them more regularly.

Watch this space: I’ll have a Mason pic up tomorrow (weather permitting). Next episode of White Pickups will be up Monday morning as usual.


  1. Hiya FAR,

    We had some pretty bad weather down here too. Luckily the tornadoes that did hit were in un-populated areas.

    Sorry to hear about the Boy's band. There has to be more to it than showing up late for a few practices. I hope ya'll didn't get any hassle when you went to get his equipment.

    Yep if Mason is pulling himself up, he'll be walking before you know it. As I've always believed, you should enjoy this period. Once he can talk and then start rationalizing with you then the battle is lost.

    I remember those podcasts you used to do. I'm ready for more podcasts and a little ranting. ;)

    You and the family take care.


  2. Hey FM!

    I asked one of the guys about it while The Boy was moving a car, and they stuck with their story. There was some hesitation; I'm not sure whether there were other issues or if they were just taken aback at being questioned.

    Mason actually does a fair job of communicating already… if he doesn't like something, or is happy, he lets us know. But you're right, he'll be walking this summer and talking too. The Boy could say a few words before he was able to walk, so I wonder if Mason will be an early talker too.

    Glad to hear you remember the podcasts, and I hope I'll do the short versions more often…

  3. Boos and what?? Greek to me and FAR, FAR over my head!

    We're all moved. I almost called to get a hand, but we managed. Going back tomorrow to clean and pick greens. Still not that FAR away, though, we'll still have to get together.

    One of these days I'm going to take an afternoon and go back to the beginning of White Pickups...

  4. Hey Reb, good to hear you've got everything under control!

    Don't wait too long… someone commented that they read through FAR Future in one sitting, somewhere around Episode 90! That's a LOT of reading, especially online.

    Think of a boo as a mini- or micro-podcast?


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